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Monday, 28 July 2014

High Tea - High Fashion

With the #ChariTea event around the corner, ladies have been asking me what they should wear to dress "like a lady". This blog post will hopefully give you some ideas as well as a few do's and don'ts, but at the end of the day please just wear what you are comfortable with.

Firstly I turned to our local fashion bloggers for some inspiration and asked if they had any tips to share. 

Irina from I'll Take It All suggested wearing a coat for those slightly colder afternoons. In the picture above she is wearing a gorgeous red coat which is so classy and yet adds a pop of colour to her outfit. 

Hats and fascinators (decorative headpieces) are always welcome at high teas. Irina is wearing a beautiful white fascinator in the picture above and keeps the rest of her outfit simple and classy with white on white. 

Maxi dresses are a great if you want to wear a dress but feel you may be a little cold, or you just don't want to show your white winter legs! 

Leanne from Arum Lilea says that dresses and skirts are a must!

"The more feminine the better"

Bows, pearls, lace and collars are all a great way to accessorise your look. She also suggested "Buns and Curls" to keep your hair looking lady like and high tea worthy.

I think how Leanne has paired white stockings with her yellow dress is another great way to get away with wearing a dress whilst adding a bit of warmth. She is also wearing a white collared shirt under the dress for extra warmth and extra style! 

Wearing black can look a bit too formal for a day time event but when paired with colourful accessories, it makes the look a bit more day time friendly.

Accesories can change your whole outfit and finish off your look. It's the small details that make such a big difference and as a lady, you should alwas ensure that you are polished from tip to toe.

Ali from Seams & Silhouttes is the ring queen and she knows just how much bling to wear before it starts looking like too much. Too much of a good thing is NOT wonderful. 

Now we turn to Gosspi Girl for some fashion inspiration - 

Blair Waldorf - What a fashion Queen. She has the cute but classy look absolutely perfected and she would definitely be the bell at any high tea ball. 

Serena van der Woodsen - Whilst Serena can certainly pull off any look with her incredible figure, her style is a bit too 'sexy' to be considered appropriote high tea attire. 

Which brings us to our first DON'T. Short dresses are perfectly acceptable at a high tea but TOO much skin is a big no no. If you're going to do short then don't do tight and make sure that your chest area is well covered. If you are showing a bit of cleavage then don't show your legs. 

Jenny Humphrey - So many DON'Ts come to mind with Jenny's style. 

She is super fashionable and edgy but her look would get quite a few displeasing looks at a high tea. 

DON'T wear dark colours, unless like previously mentioned you mix it u with some colour. We want to look bright, fresh and pretty.

Jeans are not necessarily a no but they wouldn't be the best option either. If you do wear jeans then avoid denim and rather opt for a pastel shade or white which you culd pair with some sexy heals. If in doubt then rather stick to formal trousers if you do not want to wear a dress or skirt.

Sneakers are a big NO. Would Blair wear tsneakers to a high tea? No. Heels are preferable but pretty sandals will be just as cute. 

I hope this post has helped give you a few ideas. Like I said, at the end of the day, as long as YOU are happy and comfortable with what you are wearing then that is all that matters!

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