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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Girl Geek Dinners

I bought a ticket to the Girl Geek Dinners which took place at Pigalle in Melrose Arch on th 16th of March. R170 gets you a 3 course meal, a chance to win amazing prizes, gift bags and most importantly - it allows you to meet some really spectacular people! 120 seats were sold out in 58 minutes so I'm not the only one that thinks this dinner is not one to miss!

Spoils in the gift bags (Photo by Sam Wright)

The winner 
On arrival I was immideately drawn to the Xbox competition that was set up. 

The person who achieved the fastest lap walked away with an Xbox! I asked the Xbox team how the game worked and what we had to do and they said that you simply needed to steer/brake/accelerate. "Easy" I said, to which they responded 'It's actually not that easy'. 

I took off my high boots, got comfortable in the drivers seat and off I went! As an "Ex-Gamer", it really was no challenge coming first and getting to the top of the leader board. However this was my practice round and I said I would come back later to do a proper lap - and win the xbox!! 

Unfortunately by the time I managed to get away from all the excitement of the dinner, they had already closed the competition and one lucky lady went home with the prize.

The actual dinner was supreb, Pigalle really know how to pull off a fantastic event and with great service and delicious food, we were all impressed.

There was a big screen shown where if you tweeted with the hashtag #GGDJHB your tweet would be shown on screen. This of course, lead to us all tweeting and watching the screen to see what everyone was talking about. The hashtag #GGDJHB was even trending on twitter!

It really was a girl GEEK dinner ;)

The Girl Geek Story
Leigh-Ann founded Girl Geek Dinners in 2011. As a copywriter specialising in digital media, she wanted to create a place for women to network, collaborate & talk tech! Kirsty is crazy about all things digital; which is why she had to join team #GGDJHB. What started off as a small event has grown into a thriving community.
This is the Girl Geek story!

Thank-you to Leigh-Ann FowleKirsty Sharman and their wonderful sponsor CellC for a truely incredible evening. It really was a well put together event and I enjoyed myself thouroughly. I will definitely be attending the next one and am looking forward to seeing old friends and once again making new ones.

Follow Girl Geek Dinners on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye out for their next exciting event!

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