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Friday, 25 July 2014

Skip Fashion Exchange

Another competition, another win, by yours truly! Leanne was giving away sets of tickets to the Skip Fashion Exchange on her blog, Arum Lilea. I managed to win a pair of tickets and took my fashion blogger friend Ali (of Seams & Silhouettes) along for a superb evening! 

We arrived at the beautiful Urban Tree and were blown away by the opulence of the venue!

Decorated all in white with purple lighting adding some clolour, the space was truely beautiful.

First thing was first, we had to hand in our 3 items that we wanted to exchange. We were given some rules of what would be acceptable and while they were pretty hard to follow, I managed to dig up a pair of shoes and two pieces of jewellry that were suitable.

Racks of beautiful clothes waiting to be rehomed!! 

Our items were rated on a scale from 1 to 3 which were represented by the colours, pink, silver and blue. 

We were given our coloured stickers which we would later use to "buy" clothes and accessories. For example, I was given a pink sticker for my pair of shoes, so later I got a handbag which also had a pink sticker on. 

If you didn't have a pink sticker you couldn't 'buy' something that had a pink sticker on. It sounds quite complicated but it really wasn't and worked quite well.

It was a fashion frenzy when we were all given the green light to go in and select what we wanted. There were some really gorgeous items which flew off the shelves and whisked away by fashion forward ladies. 

I grabbed a beautiful dress and two cute hand bags which I was rather happy with.

I think I did well?
But before we got set loose on the clothes we were first treated to a divine dinner!

Bonang was our gorgeous MC for the evening, she looked super stylish as usual and did a great job at keeping us all entertained. There were various speakers, including the founder of the #PrincessProject and a couple of fashion experts who had dressed models in the latest trends.

Amazing starters! 

The dinner itself was a foodies dream and course by course we were spoilt with a menu fit for a queen.

The starters were my favourite - Twice baked Danish feta souffle served with micro greens and toasted brie and honey bruschetta.

As well as fantastic food, we were all in awe by how gorgeous the table decor was. We felt like we were at a fancy wedding!

Amazing food, speakers, decor, what else did we need? Entertainment! Lloyd Cele treated us to a few of his popular songs, including his hit single - "Tonight" 

It was just such a perfect evening - A huge well done to all the organisers for really going all out to create a memorable event! 

Gorgeous table settings.

My outfit matched the decor #Awkward

Leanne, Irina, Ali, Me, Loren, Morgan

Ali having her spoils packed for her.
Leanne being interviewd by Destiny Magazine
Irina snapping photos of all the pretty things! 


  1. Awesome post! It really was such a fun evening! Thank you again for taking me along! Xxx

    1. Thank-you for coming! I had the hottest date there ;) xx

  2. So glad you had such an awesome time!!! This post is stunning!

    1. It was SUCH a great event! Thanks Leanne xx

  3. From mini farm to plate; micro greens are excellent


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