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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Every 3 months I have to go for a check-up to make sure everything is still fine and no adjustments need to be made to my anti-rejection medication. The check up includes blood tests, xrays, lung function and a consult with my pulmonologist.

  1. pulmonologist, or pulmonary disease specialist, is a physician who possesses specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary (lung) conditions and diseases.

Photoshoot for lungs! 
I hate bloods! 

I always make sure I just wear a sports bra and nothing with any kind of metal on it so that I don't have to get dressed into a gown for xrays. #ProTip


With my old lungs, doing a lung function was extremely exhausting and the last few I did before transplant nearly brought me to tears. It's physically and mentally draining to use ALL your strength to blow into the machine and hope for a decent result. When you see 20% or less as the result it really is devastating. 

The whole process would leave me completely breathless. Luckily there is oxygen in my pulmonologist's waiting room, so after the lung function I could just sit down and turn the oxygen up as high as possibe to recover.

Now, lung functions aren't a stress at all. I simply blow as hard as I can into the machine and I am given a pleasing result. As I'm an over-achiever I always ask to try at least 3 times so that I can get the best possible result.

This last check-up, my lung function was the same as last time, 89/90%. Which means it's the first time since transplant that it hasnt't increased. I'm more than happy to have reached 90% and now I just need to make sure it stays there! 

My fellow transplant friend, Alice and I scheduled our check-up for the same day so that we could have a little catch up session. We always end up waiting hours to see our very busy doctor, so it's nice to fill the time with a little bit of chatting - and giggling!  

Before my transplant I had to go for monthly check-ups so although 3 monthly check-ups may sound like a pain, they really are such a blessing for me. This reiterates the fact that TRANSPLANT IS NOT A CURE. I still have to watch my health and take a lot of medication. 


  1. You should have gotten a pic of you and the busy Dr too! 2 patients blogging about waiting for him in the same day!! #indemand

  2. Haha popular man! Let's get a pic together with him next time ;) xx

  3. I always feel like I have learnt a valuable medical lesson and of course a life lesson reading your posts. My fav lesson though has to be not wearing a metal bra (I know I know - a bra without any metal in it) but the first thought that came to mind was Madonna and her bug swirly bra cup. I guess that is a no no. Lol. You girls rock!

    1. hahaha Sash, I'd love to see you wearing one of those bras and saying to the radiologist "Can I leave my bra on??" xx


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