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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

International Inspiring Woman Network

Anusha and I 
I have been wanting to go to the International Inspiring Woman Network event ever since I heard about it, weeks ago. I thought it was just such a special event to bring exceptional woman together, make new friends and inspire one another.

Anusha Singh is the founder of IWN and I was so pleased to finally get to meet her in person - we've been interacting on twitter for quite some time now.

Between Anusha and Namritha (from My Eye on the world) they organised me a ticket and I was able to attend. This small act of kindness is the essence of of the International inspiring woman network - giving back.

I'm so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful event and I just want to thank Anusha so much for including me.

MC Petra Laranjo

The event was held at the fabulous Michaelangelo Hotel in Sandton and they put on a specatular spread of treats for us to enjoy.

I arrived at the red carpet event and was so impressed by the venue. The decor was nothing short of spectaular and the staff treated us like the queens we were encouraged to be.

Good food, great entertainment, tea and good company - it really was a perfect afternoon.

Crazy Monkey Defence Program

Charlotte Blignaut

There were so many inspiring woman and different charities that were at the event, far too many to mention them all. One of the highlights of the afternoon, for me was when Jill Manson demonstrated her flowerscape concept and explained the healing power of flowers. As you know (or do now) I have a huge passion for flowers. My gran and my mom also share this deep love for flowers and so I believe it is something that has been deeply ingrained into my soul.

When I used to stay in hospital for long periods of time, a bouquet of flowers in my room would never fail to bring a smile to my face and remind me that there is beauty everywhere.

Joanna and Jill
Jill's demonstration involved us selecting a single stem from a huge selection of flowers that she had brought along.

We were then given a pack of flash cards which each contained a single word on them. We asked the flowers to answer a question that we needed an answer to and then chose a card.

The flower I selected was a lisianthus an the word I got was - belief.

Some of us, like Joanna, got words that they didn't understand or feel were a good answer to their question. Joanna got 'tears' and Jill explained that the words don't always have to make sense.

My word - belief
Linda Yende

Glenys van Halter and Janet Cade

There were also a few stall type displays where owners and brand managers were seated, ready to answer any questions we had about their products.
Joanna and I with her gorgeous Anni King handbags

Tam having nail art done by Macherie Nails
Overall I had such an amazing afternoon and would encourage everyone to attend the next event. I met such special ladies and left feeling totally inspired. 

Photographer: Cody Pike

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