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Monday, 30 June 2014

Trinket Trove {Giveaway}

A while ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon the beautiful sisters of 'Trinket Trove' at a launch I was invited to. Tamara and Cassandra make exquisite jewellry and their range has become rather extensive. Everything from braiding, beads, crystals, trinkets and inspirational words are included in their designs.

The words they use in their jewelry are meant to give whoever wears them a little 'lift' in their day to day lives. This is what attracted me to their products as I'm always looking for ways to inspire and bring a smile to someone's face. Something as simple as looking down at a bracelet and seeing the words "believe" or "love" can touch someone just enough to get them through a tough day.

This is ONE of the reasons I love Trinket Trove.

When I first saw the sisters at the launch, Tamara had to stand up and give a speech.

Here, I've taken a few extracts from her inspiring speech:

"My fetish since a young age has been jewellry and accessories."

"Casss came over to see what I had done and fell in love. She said 'Make me 100 wraps, I am going to sell them."  "What I did not realise is that the order of 100 wraps was the first of many to come."

"If there is one thing that has stood out the most from working with my sister, Cass, she truly has taught me that anything is possible. I believe that with our passion and as a team our dreams will become a reality. We will never stop dreaming." 

Tamara (left) and Cassandra (right)
She was noticeably nervous but got up in front of everyone and delivered a beautiful speech. I knew then, by watching this small act of courage that there was more to these ladies than simply makers of beautiful jewellry. 
I decided to pay them a visit at their Studio and get to know them and their products a little better. They share a studio with their dad who designs modern, rustic furniture for The Industrial Revolution @ Light Bulb Studio and is equally as talented with his craft as his daughters.
The studio was a gorgeous, spacious, rustic, vintage, industrial and homely space all thrown into one.

Tamara is the talent behind all the designs, while her sister, Cass, is the business woman. It's so beautiful to see sisters working so closely together on such a special project! Their business has gone from strength to strength and has continued to grow, with the girls working harder and harder to keep up with all the orders that come through.

Trinket Trove products are currently in stock at The Crafters Market. Their stores are in the following shopping centres:

The Glen Shopping Centre (Oakdene, Johannesburg),
Mall@Carnival (Brakpan, Johannesburg),
East Rand Mall (Boksburg, Johannesburg),
Cradlestone Mall (Roodekrans, Johannesburg),
Clearwater Mall (Strubens Valley, Johannesburg),
Atterbury Value Mart (Faerie Glen, Pretoria East),
Woodlands Boulevard (Woodhill, Pretoria East),
The Grove (Equestria, Pretoria East)
Kolonnade Shopping Centre (Montana, Pretoria North)

If there isn't a store near you then you can contact Cassandra directly on 082 625 8780 or email cassandra@trinkettrove.co.za. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's a quick Flipagram (Of course) of some of their products.

Tamara and Cassandra were kind enough to give me a crystal wrap as a gift and I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank-you girls so much!!

Their generosity didn't end there as they also gave me a bracelet and another crystal wrap to give away to one of YOU!!!! I've decided to do two giveaways because I'd rather spoil two of my readers instead of one =)

The competiton runs from 1st-31st July and the winner will be announced on the 1st of August.

Both Giveaways are open to anyone living in South Africa AND Zimbabwe!

The first giveaway is the Crystal three in one wrap (Retails at R149.90). To enter all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter widget below and it will do the rest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The second product I have to give away is a beautiful Multi-cord bracelet (Retails at R69.90)

To enter this one you need to be a little more creative. What I want you to do is post a photo on my Deer Delights Facebook page OR instagram it and tag me @fawn_rogers. The photograph must be of something that you feel represents one of the following words-
  • Faithfulness
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Joy

Good Luck everyone! 

A huge thank-you to Tamara and Cassandra. Your sisterly love, business drive and kind hearts are truly inspiring! 


  1. Love your gorgeous competition hunney and so proud and amazed by your brave journey ... may you always keep smiling. The word that inspires me is love ... without it we would wither and die ... but love can give life , hope , faith and so much more.
    x Heath

    1. Thank-you so much!! "Love" is a beautiful word and life definitely would not be worth living without it! xxx

  2. My favourite inspirational word is Supercalifragilisticexpellidoscious. Dead serious. I sing the Mary Poppins song when I need some get up and go!

    1. That's cute! You'll need rather fat wrists to be able to have that on a bracelet tho ;)

  3. My favorite inspirational word is "believe". Gorgeous stunning jewellery!

  4. So my favourite inspirational word is, well its two words actually, and seeing as you know me Fawny, this might be a wee bit cliché, I know I know, but here it is... Just Breathe. Helps me in a lot of situations ;)

    1. 'Just breathe' are very inspirational word to live by xxx

  5. "JOY" is my favourite inspirational word

  6. 'Joy' is a wonderful word Nicola =)

  7. OOH LA LA….Such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!? Oh please please please pick me? I have followed all the above steps and I have shared this giveaway on Twitter too (@flutterbymegs)! "Dream" is my favourite inspirational word because all our Dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them :) Fingers crossed! xxx

    1. That's beautiful Megs! Dreams definitely come true!! Good luck xxxx

  8. My favourite inspirational word is BLESSED. Often we take things for granted and dont realise how blessed & lucky we are to have the life we have. Love your blog :) Holding thumbs for this pretty prize @JaxxLisa on twitter

  9. So true!! Thank-you Jackie xx

  10. I love the word INSPIRE. Whether it is that you have a message to share to inspire others, or that you meet someone in life who will inspire you. I love that it is such a positive word, it invokes feelings of change and excitement, of faith and possibilities! This jewelry is SO up my ally, thanks for introducing them to me!

  11. It's gorgeous inspirational jewellry!! And "inspire" is definitely such a positive word xx

  12. Love the word BLESSED, take nothing for granted and appreciate the things you have

  13. I couldn't agree more Stephanie :)

  14. Hi, my most inspirational word is LOVE - it definitely brightens up the world :)

  15. Love really does brighten the world!

  16. This is what attracted me to their products as I'm always looking for ways to inspire and bring a smile to someone's face. air conditioning installation denver


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