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Friday, 28 February 2014

54 on Bath

I was invited to 54 on Bath for a Wine and Cheese evening at their extraordinary restaurant 'Level Four'. Being a lover of fine dining and 'shfancy' decor I was very much impressed on arrival. The attention to detail at this place is impeccable. I felt like I was in an episode of Downton Abbey, surrounded by 'well to do' folk sipping on  pre selected wines and cheeses.

Posing on the gorgeous houndstooth chairs.

Ahhh, the wines and cheeses....  
The menu was specially created to showcase the pairing of  Zandvliet wines with beautiful cheeses from The Cheese Gourmet.

At R540 per person for this set menu  it would usually be far out of my little budget but it is definitely well worth the money. 

Janel Vermeulen talked us through each wine as it arrived with each course. The first wine we were served was the 'My best friend' Shiraz rose 2013. It was absolutely fantastic! A wine you can drink anytime, anywhere! 

Next we were given the 'My best friend' Muscat. This was even better! A sweet but fresh white wine that fast became my favorite white wine of all time. My wine knowledge is very poor (sorry dad) so please bare that in mind.

We were served two other wines, both were red and unfortunately my inexperienced palate could not really appreciate these. A friend on my table however, said that they were quite lovely!

Janel was an excellent speaker and we all learnt a vast deal about wines. Most of this knowledge however, was lost after many glasses of wine! 

The cheeses we had were all very Mmmmmm. I actually can't pick my favorite of the evening! The general favorite of the night was the Huguenot and Brian Dicks, of The Cheese Gourmet commented that this was one of his top cheeses. It is rated as one of the top 16 cheeses of the world. Quite an achievement!

Chef Gerad Vingerling prepared the most mouth watering creations using the selected paired cheese for each course.

Again, very hard to select a favorite but I think I would have to go for the Coq  au Vin Ravioli with Karoo Crumble. AMAZING! Our table's favorite was the Buche goats cheese, beetroot, grapes, smoked walnuts. But really, every course was divine and it was done to personal tastes!

BLT Sandwich
Coq  au Vin Ravioli with Karoo Crumble

Blue cheese pana cotta, honeycomb, pear & pistachio. 

I had an absolutely fantastic evening. Great company, food, wine and venue! A posh night out that is an experience I would definitely recommend.

Thank-you so much to 54 on Bath, Zanvliet and The Cheese Gourmet for a spectacular time!


Selected wines on display
I fell in love with the decor

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