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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cosmopolitan November Issue 2013

Some more photos from the 44 Stanley photo shoot:

Feedback from the article:

"Fawn Rogers' story resonated with me, like her I am hoping that my life will be saved by the kindness of a complete stranger.
Like Fawn I've also been on the transplant list for a very long time, what seems like forever.
Its stories like her's that help me through the tough days when it all seems to much and holding on seems pointless. Days when going through dialysis seems to be a complete torture!
After reading her story I realised I cannot give up, not after the example Fawn has set. She held in there, even through the bleakest of moments. I have cut out the article and go with it everywhere, I read it regularly with the hope that one day I'll be the one telling my success story and helping other young girls like me.

Thank you Cosmo and Fawn Rogers. 

Nthakoana Ramaseli"

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