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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Going Paleo

I'm an all or nothing kind of girl so the first thing I did when I decided to follow a no carb diet is to get rid of all the carbs in my cupboards.

The first thing people think about when you say 'carbs' is, SUGAR. Yes I had a couple of cans of condensed milk and chocolate lying around but this was nothing compared to the the 'non sugar' items. Flour, raisins, pasta, rice, Oh my gosh, rice! I have 6 different types of rice, it is by far my favorite starch! Anyway once this was all cleared I was delighted with all the extra cupboard space! Unfortunately I then had to find storage space for all of this ........>

(P.S. Excuse the awful photo, new phone coming soon)

Then, it was time to go shopping to restock my spacious cupboards!

In my short time shopping for low/no carbs I have learnt quite a few things!! Firstly when you are shopping under for 'paleo foods' what you are looking for on the labels is the carbohydrate content. Everything else is free game. Low fat products are NOT low carbs.

< This is an example of a product that has low fat but has 20g of carbs PER SERVING. That's like a glass of coke, so it's a no.

This next example has very low carbs and high fat. PERFECT! Take 2 cause these sorts of products are hard to find!!!

That is one of the things I learnt while shopping. I read all the labels of things I thought might just pass as a low carb. I put back 90% of the things as they had a far higher carb count than I thought. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. You'll be surprised at some of the nutritional values in foods, especially the 'health foods'. Once you find an appropriate product good luck finding it again! Double cream, full fat unsweetened yogurt is a nightmare to find! As well as cauliflower,  but at the moment, but I believe that has something to do with the season!

Finally I learnt that wheat/gluten free, sugar free etc products are rather pricey! I'm not even going to tell you how much I spent on almond flour today!! I'll be looking for the cheapest and best alternatives to our sugary friends and I'll let you know where and which products to go for!

In the meantime,

Happy Eating!


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