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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Cauliflower Mash

A popular substitute for starch is cauliflower. It can be used to replace potatoes in mash potatoes and even rice! Tonight I tried my hand at the mash.

I simply boiled the cauliflower until soft, i.e you can pierce them with a fork. Then I drained them and let them sit for a while. This ensures that any excess water is drained off, otherwise your mash may be a bit watery. Then I added A LOT of butter and mashed it up. At first I used a masher but I couldn't get a smooth consistency so I resorted to a hand blender! I also added a fair bit of salt and some pepper, as it was more bland than traditional mash.

So how did it compare to the real deal? Well to be honest I prefer mash potato to mash cauliflower but it certainly is a decent substitute. Served with a gravy, I had no complaints and will definitely make it again!

Next on the 'To cook' list will be the cauliflower rice. Rice, as mentioned in earlier posts, is my favorite starch! So I'm really hoping the cauliflower won't disappoint! Until then,

Happy Eating!


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