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Friday, 21 February 2014


So in my never ending quest to find full fat yoghurt, I finally found a winner.

I'm no stranger to Lancewood products. I always buy their full fat smooth cream cheese which I then add chopped cucumber to making a high fat version tzatziki. It's a very nice easy snack and I have it OFTEN. As you can see they haven't done too badly in the Dairy awards, so I'm not the only one who recommends them.

So far I have only found their double cream plain yoghurt at Checkers. Hopefully other retail outlets near me will start stocking it soon but in the meantime it is definitely worth the trip to get this amazing product. It comes in a 1kg container which is perfect as I use a lot in the mornings with my muesli. It's high fat low carb content makes it perfect for paleo and it's just delicious!


Happy Eating


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