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Friday, 21 February 2014


Seeing as I'm in full 'review' mode today, let's talk about my fast food brand of choice.

Eating on the go is always a pain. Ideally you should have your lunch and snacks prepared before hand but as we all know this is easier said than done. Now add paleo to the mix and eating on the go is just a nightmare. You can pretty much rule out most fast food chains for a healthy meal. Kauai is very healthy and well known for their healthy food selection. Unfortunately most of the items on the menu are not paleo suitable! Then there's Nando's, scrumptious chicken choices with lovely side salads. Done. Nando's giblets have always been a favorite of mine and I am 100% brand loyal to them in that department. I'm half Portuguese and have been made traditional giblets at home by my family but it still doesn't compare to Nando's. I enjoy spicy hot food but Nando's is on another level with their hotness so I always order mild and find it just hot enough for my liking.The giblets are served with an amazing Portuguese roll which sadly due to paleo I can't eat anymore.

Basically, if you're in need of a quick healthy paleo approved meal go to Nando's. Order chicken of your choice and substitute the chips for a salad.

To view their menu, click HERE

Happy Eating


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