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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sexy Singles @ Randlords

So, I won tickets to the 94.7 Virgin Atlantic Sexy Singles party at Randlords and it was AMAZING!

94.7 and Virgin Atlantic decided to host a 'sexy singles' party on Valentines Day where they invited I think 150 singles. Each person had to bring a plus one so of course I chose my sexy single friend, Justine and we partied the night away at the most incredible venue!

To win a ticket you had to fill in a fairly comprehensive form on the 94.7 website which had to include a photo of yourself and a voice clip saying why you want to be at the party. The people that had already won had their photo up on the website and I must say, the competition was tough! Thus I decided on a 'kissy' photo with the most beautiful 'person' I know.... my steenbok, Angel. That obviously did the trick and I was called by 94.7's radio personality Tholi B who spoke to me on air and announced I had won! YAY.

Before I knew it, it was Valentines Day and Justine and I found ourselves in a cab on the way to Braamfontein. Our cab driver was awesome and it was basically a party cab! He pumped the beats, gave us boy advice and was just a hoot in general! His name was Dominik, I've lost his direct number but he is from Sa Cab.

We arrived at Randlords and I was immediately impressed! We walked into the elevator and there was only one button to press, level 22! We pushed it and literally before Juss could get her phone out of her bag to take a photo, the doors opened and we were at the party! So if you have a fear of elevators, this isn't the place for you!!

The decor is lovely and the vibe was great but what really sells Randlords is the view! A 360 degree view of the beautiful city of Johannesburg, including the spectacular Nelson Mandela Bridge. Photos don't do the view any justice, it's just insane!
After we took in the view we hit the bar for a light refreshment. R30 for a hunters, we were a bit taken back by the price! For the next round I, without any scarm, asked the bartender what their cheapest drink was. R30 WAS the cheapest! So we started to implement a new strategy. Find sexy singles to buy us drinks!!

This worked like a charm (of course) and we danced the night away to the most awesome music played by the 94.7 djs.

'Did you find a sexy single, Fawn?'. No I did not. Justine however......... ;)
I was quite fond of this young gentleman but unfortunately his sign did not come true.

To conclude, Randlords is amazing and you HAVE to go! It's pricey but the view is totally worth it! 

Here's a little look at the party-

Thanks 94.7 and Virgin Atlantic for an EPIC Valentines Day!



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    1. Life is always interesting! Thanks for the comment =)


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