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Sunday, 2 March 2014


When you have a disease such as cystic fibrosis, one of the things that gives you hope is seeing others in the same position as you, doing well.

There are so many people I draw inspiration from but here are 3 young ladies who's stories I have followed. All of them have had a different journey but what they have in common is their strength and determination to live! They also all, like myself, have cystic fibrosis.

First up is my dear friend Alice Vogt. I met Alice when I was very sick and she would often visit me in hospital. Alice is our local CF and Transplant celebrity. I'm yet to meet someone in the community who doesn't know her. The song phrase, "Who the F@#! is Alice?" is sadly never used. She has done so much to raise organ donation awareness and is an amazing support to people waiting for their lung transplant. Alice has just celebrated her 6th year lungaversary and she looks better than ever!

To see more of Alice's story follow her blog-

 Living life breathlessly

Kirstie Tancock is from the UK and she has had not one but TWO double lung transplants! That's a total of 6 individual lungs she has gone through, incredible!

Kirstie is a pole fitness instructor and just 3 months after her second transplant she was back at work. I'm nearly a year post transplant and I have only just started gym. I guess we can't all be over-achievers ;)

She really does have an incredible story and if you would like to read more about her, check out her blog-

2nd chance @ life

Victoria Tremlett has been passionate about raising organ donation awareness. I stumbled across her on twitter when she was extremely ill and waiting for her transplant. She was one of the sickest people I had found and very close to death. In October 2011 she finally got her call and had her life saving transplant.
She has since graduated and continues to raise much needed awareness in the UK.

"Tor's"  blog is deeply personal and a wonderful insight into the thoughts that some of us have pre, during and post transplant. Have a look at her blog-

Past the Point of No Return

As I said, these are only a few of my inspirations.There are so many people out there who are inspirational just by living a normal life. To them, that IS their Everest and simply living an ordinary life is a huge achievement.

3 more sleeps until my lungaversary!!!! Alice... I'm catching up to you!

If you live in South Africa, You know by now where to register. If you're in Zimbabwe.... your organs are safe!!

UK citizens can register HERE
Australian citizens go HERE
U.S.A citizens can register HERE and select their state.

If you need ANY more information on organ donation, please ask me! There are horrible assumptions that if you are an organ donor the doctors looking after you don't try as hard to save you because they want your organs. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Let me know if you have any other transplant myths that need busting!

Rogers out

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