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Sunday, 16 March 2014


The 5th of March 2014 marked my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of having new lungs!!

I had the most special day!

First off I went o for a lovely facial at the Crystal Clear Skincare Clinic. After being pampered I then went for lunch at Crabtree & Evelyn with Shendl and Skye. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon *Wedding shopping with Siana and her mom, followed by cocktails at Hard Rock Cafe. We then finished off with a lovely dinner at Wangthai and I went home with a happy heart and stomach!

*Helping Siana try on clothes.

I am a firm believer that it is up to YOU to make your day special. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or just a day you feel like celebrating. Everyone is too busy with life to stop and make your day fun for you. You need to organise the fun... then the people will come!

The difference between my lungs' birthday and mine became clear throughout the day. On my birthday, I get msgs like 'Happy birthday Fawn-Star, keep it tidy!'. On my lungs' birthday, I received msgs like these 2, which are from some of my special doctors.

"Happy Birthday Fawn! Another 1st. I've been thinking of you so much and have been reading your blog. If there was ever a reason to believe in the value of transplant it has been watching you blossom this year. You have been so brave and capable. It has been such a pleasure being involved in your care. Enjoy every minute of 'normal' life - the happy and the sad"

"You are an inspiration and visible reminder to me that we can do good. I occasionally feel despondent as we all do but it just takes one Fawn to inspire us to continue! Having the success stories makes this the best job in the world and it's people like you who have my respect and gratitude."

There were so many more lovely msgs I received. All so special, thank-you!!

On Saturday the 8th of March I then organised a big get together for all of my friends to come and celebrate with me. I booked at the San Bar which is the most amazing spot in the Sandton Sun. Unfortunately the weather was against us and instead of sitting on the deck overlooking Joburg sipping on cocktails we were stuck inside. Instead of cocktails, friends were drinking coffee, not ideal. However, it was so good to see everyone and they made such an effort to come and be there for me. I really appreciated every single person that could make it! I even got a couple of gifts which was totally unexpected but once again proving just how amazing my friends are!

At about midnight we decided to move on. Thus separating the crazy irresponsible folk (no names mentioned) from the grown-up responsible bunch. After some debate we eventually decided to go to Billy the Bums in Fourways. For those of you that have been, I'm sure you have a pretty good picture of how the rest of the night went!

I woke up on Sunday (after about 3 hours of sleep) feeling so special (and tired). My Lungaversary was a time to reflect on my life before transplant and be grateful for the amazing transformation. But it was also a time to celebrate all my friends that have been there for me, I am truly grateful for them. Even a simple msg of encouragement when I was at my worst meant so much to me. I will never be able to repay the love that I received before, during and after my transplant from everyone. I do try my best and will be there for everyone that stood by my.

A huge thank-you to all my AMAZING friends, family,family friends, Doctors and just EVERYONE!

All our love,

Fawn, Lung 1 and Lung 2.



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