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Monday, 3 March 2014


I am a born and bred Zimbabwean and have spent most of my life on our beautiful farm just outside Harare (Ruwa).

I moved to Joburg in 2009 and in 2011 my health was so bad that my mom had to move down to look after me full time. During this time, I was completely home ridden. I only left my little flat to be admitted into hospital or for my monthly check-ups. I missed home, my farm, my friends, my dad, my animals and just Zimbabwe in general. One of the first things I wanted to do after transplant was go home! It was a huge motivating factor to get me through everything.

In December 2013 I had finally recovered enough to go HOME. I was so excited and so was everyone in Zim. It was a day not everyone believed would come so it really was a miracle to be able to go back.

First thing was first... I reunited with my gorgeous cat, Barbill. He is just the light of my life and I miss him every day. At first he didn't quite reciprocate the love but after about an hour we were inseparable once again. Then there were the hounds to say hi to, Snoek, Sasha and Black Dog. (Black dog's name is Chloe but I find 'B-D' more fitting).

I also got to meet Socks, like Barbill she was a stray that moved in 

That concludes the 'normal' pets. We also have a menagerie of other animals like ostriches, ducks, peacocks, chickens and horses, the usual farm yard animals.

Then the more exotic pets, steenboks and duikers. The one Steenbok is very tame, too tame in my opinion ;) Her name is Angel (Very creative naming there Mom). We also have a tame duiker named Tessie.


Apart from the animals and my actual home, it was also great to see all our staff again. Our cook has been with my parents for way longer than I have been alive. Sebastian is part of the family and I could see the tears in his eyes when I hugged him hello. You don't get hearts as good as his very often!

Being at home brought back all the good memories from my childhood. As sick as I was I had the most amazing time on the farm with my brother and friends. I can't imagine having to grow up anywhere else! You can take the girl out of the farm but you can't take the farm out of the girl.

My beautiful bedroom
Here's a video that I'm sure will make you long to be a kid again ;)

After about a month at home, spending Christmas with my family and New Years with my friends, it was time to head back to Joburg. I was sad to say bye but excited to get back to Joburg and start my life. I love it here and whilst Zim will always be my home, I'm happy to be living in Joburg =)

However, what is a good story without a twist. On the 31st of December 'someone' arrived on our farm and declared that it was now his. We had a weekend to move off EVERYTHING. Our home, animals and business (My dad owns a stockfeed manufacturing company). Heartbreaking and not really what we needed after the hard year of having gone through the trauma of my transplant. We are all safe and healthy and that is the most important thing. So we move forward and don't let any hate or bitterness dwell in our lives. Our hearts will always be on that farm and I hope one day we will get them back!

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