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Thursday, 6 March 2014


Last  night I was treated to dinner at Wangthai which overlooks Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton City. The restaurant is great, a very upmarket thai ambiance. There are various seating sections in the restaurant so finding a spot to your liking shouldn't be difficult.

The waiters were quick to bring us drinks and starters and were efficient throughout the night. 

You probably cant make out what this is?
We ordered 3 different main courses which we shared. The seafood platter for one was rather disappointing, the fish was bland but there was a trio of sauces that were very tasty. We also ordered the 'angry duck' which is their signature dish. It was far too hot for our palates but it had lots of flavour so if you can handle the heat then I'm sure you would enjoy it.

The favourite was the wok beef which comes on a hot plate and is 'sizzled' at your table. The beef was incredibly tender and the sauce was just divine! 

The menu had a few options for each meat which was great as sometimes thai menus can be very extensive and confusing! 

It was a little pricey but for the location it was right on track with other restaurants in Sandton. 

I really enjoyed my night here and next time I will just make better menu choices. It's a great place for a special occasion, dinner party or even a more intimate occasion like a date! 

Happy Eating!


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