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Saturday, 29 March 2014


My name, Fawn, isn't really your standard english name. My grandfather's nickname was 'Buck' and so my parents decided to name me after him. A baby deer/buck, is a Fawn. He was the most amazing man and I am so proud to have been named after him. I'm not a 'normal' person so I think a unique name like 'Fawn' is quite fitting.  Here is the definition of my name -

And this is the definition according to Urban Dictionary. There were a lot of other dodgy meanings too, haha!

If you've never heard of Urban Dictionary, go check it out, it's rather funny! You can see what you name means as well as all kind of other stuff!

Urban Dictionary

So, now that we all know what my name means and how it came about, I'm sure you can see the link between 'Fawn' and 'Deer Delights'. Originally I wanted to call my blog 'Deer Diary' but that domain was taken and it turns out it is a deer hunting site, haha!

However, I do have a 'Deer Diary' tab so not all is lost!

Have a great weekend everybody,



  1. I think Fawn is not a bad name. The meaning from urban dictionary is a “young deer in his first year” not bad its seems to me very cute. I want to thanks your grandfather for the nice job. Thanks for share.


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