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Saturday, 15 March 2014

First Week At Work

So as you may or may not know, I started work on Monday the 10th of March. Small step for mankind, a GIANT leap for me!

First work outfit
I was offered a job by Stephanie Moss at Solutions Group which is an events company in Bryanston. I was delighted, I've wanted to get into the events/marketing industry. Any creative or 'pretty' industry would've been good really.

So on Monday off I went to start my very first full time job.
I had all the 'first day of school' feelings, would the people be nice, where do I have my lunch, what is the work going to be like?? To answer all of those questions, the people are nice, I eat continuously at my desk all day and the work is pretty much admin at this stage but you have to start somewhere!

The first event we are doing is for something called an 'Epipen' which is basically an adrenalin shot used in an emergency situation when someone has an allergic reaction to something. OF COURSE the first event I would be doing would be of medical nature! So I spend my days liaising with doctors, very familiar territory for me!

Work wardrobe is a bit of an issue for me. I literally have a cupboard full of summer dresses and that's about it! First pay check will go solely towards clothes- YAY

Morning transformation

My morning routine looks something like this-
  • 6.30- Automatically wake up, make bed, go downstairs to have a cup of tea
  • 6.45- Make smoothie and pack lunchbox
  • 7.00- Alarm goes off to actually wake up
  • 7.15- Take my bowl of muesli and yoghurt upstairs to eat while I get dressed
  • 7.30- Wardrobe crisis, do hair, put on my face (very basic cover up, mascara, blush)
  • 7.45- Take rejection meds, have insulin, brush teeth
  • 8.00-On my way to work
  • 8.15-Arrive early at work (I'm an overachiever like that!)
  • 8.30-Work starts
Lunchbox- Chicken salad,cheese,fruit,nuts,smoothie,water

And Evening Routine-
  • 5.00- Work finishes
  • 5.20- Arrive at home, switch geyser on, take off shoes and put kettle on
  • 5.30- Make hot chocolate (with added 'get fat' powder) 
  • 6.00- Start making dinner and preparing lunchbox food
  • 7.00- Long hot bath
  • 7.30- Eat dinner,do dishes, switch off geyser
  • 7.45- Take rejection meds
  • 8.00-CHILL 
  • 9.00- Bedtime

So far, so good. I think I may have even gained 500g (whoo hoo). Of course I miss being a 'Home Executive' but having a job and an income is so empowering and I love it!


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