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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

27th Birthday

My Birthday card from Shendl.
It was my birthday on Sunday the 8th of June and to celebrate I decided to have a girls night out! Because I believe in putting in a little extra effort to make things more special, I decided to do a theme. I told friends that this was the dress code -

A few friends came over to my flat and we had a couple of sneaky drinks and naturally, a bit of a photo shoot!

I have the most amazing friends, new and old! I got absolutely spoiled rotten spoiled rotten by everyone and even though I really appreciated all my gorgeous gifts, what was even more special was spending my birthday with such amazing people! I love you Friends! 

After drinks, and love...

We got a taxi to Movida to meet up with some other friends and dance the night away! I've only ever been to Movida one other time but I thought the 'Moulin Rouge' style club was perfect for a night of fun with my girls! 

"I'm so Fancy"

You know you're not in Zim anymore when there's a grand piano in the Club! 

Later, the tables are moved and this area become the dance floor.

Juss, Sash, Me, Tish, Lee

Unfortunately, what happens on girls night, stays between us girls (there's good reason for that). But in summary - we danced, we laughed and we danced a little more. 

Last year I got out of hospital just before my birthday so I couldn't really celebrate it much. I did have a lovely time with my family and being my first birthday with my new lungs, I was very grateful! 

This birthday however, was evidence of just how 'normal' my life is now. Yes I still pop hand-fulls of pills and have to go for regular check-ups but there is nothing really that I can't do! I don't think it will ever stop amazing me how a surgical procedure can take you from death's door to having a crazy girls night out. I know I say this often but I really am grateful each and every day for all the things that my transplant has allowed me to do. 

I am living my dream and loving EVERY minute of it!

Thanks again to the friends that made it to party with me and to those who didn't but sent through lovely birthday messages! I love you all so much!! 


  1. sorry i missed it!!! but see you this Sat!!

  2. Had an awesome evening with all the gals Fawny. So glad you had fun. What happens in Movida, stays in Movida....


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