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Friday, 13 June 2014

Nerine Gardiner - Girl With Cake

The Story

I took this insert off of Nerine's blog -

"There's something about a beautiful, over-the-top, delicately frosted cake that, for a few moments, makes all the bad go away.

Maybe it's the time and care that goes into planning, baking, frosting and perfecting. Maybe it's because we associate cake with celebration and joy. Or maybe it's just the idea that something delicious is waiting for us.

Whatever the reason, cake brings a unique happiness that everyone deserves to feel.

So, for those less fortunate, for those who've been dealt a raw deal in life, and for those who just deserve some more love, I'll find them. And, for a few moments, they too will feel the joy of cake."

I stumbled upon this amazing girl quite some time ago and my heart was instantly warmed!

I've always believed in the below quote-

- and I think that Nerine is a great example of this. Her random acts of kindness, in the big scheme of things, may not seem like much, but to those less fortunate that receive one of her beautiful cakes, it could possibly be the kindest gesture they have ever received.

As someone who has been in a position of need I cannot tell you how amazing it is when a stranger shows you kindness, in any form. It may be a bunch of flowers or simply a compliment but when someone makes you smile on a day that you are struggling to find a reason to smile, it is the most precious gift!

Giving something you don't need or want away, while still much appreciated, isn't quite a selfless good deed. We are giving away the old blanket because we don't want it so it's a win for you and a win for the person that get's it. Nerine bakes the most beautiful cakes solely to give away to a stranger. She could quite easily eat/give to a friend or sell the cakes but once they're done she goes out and finds someone to give them to! A selfless good deed indeed!

Such an incredible girl and an inspiring project! I don't know about you, but her story has definitely made me feel like I need to do more to give back to the world.

Some of Nerine's beautiful cakes

With Youth Day coming up on Monday the 16th of June (in South Africa) perhaps we can all take a little time out of our day to make someone else's day a little easier! 

Please go read more about Girl With Cake HERE and let Nerine's story inspire YOU to bake a cake for someone less fortunate. 

She also posts all of her cake recipes which are well worth looking at!  

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