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Monday, 16 March 2015

Zomato meet-up at Moyo (Melrose Arch)

Last week Zomato treated me and a few other foodies to a dinner at Moyo in Melrose Arch. I had a lovely time, as usual, and was very impressed in general with Moyo. With all the new and exciting restaurants popping up all the time I think people have forgotten about places like Moyo who really do put out a good spread and are definitey worth visiting!

In the heart of Johannesburg, the 350-seater, multi-level modern restaurant – clad in copper with pressed pebble walls – embodies Africa’s finest music and urban cuisine offerings.
Live stage bands provide soulful vibes and dining options are diverse – from relaxed meals enjoyed on the outdoor square, to romantic dinners in Gigi’s cosy alcoves.
Business lunches are ever popular, along with monthly events and corporate functions held in an authentic African club atmosphere, replete with a well-stocked wine cellar. 

Moyo - Melrose Arch

The Merose Arch branch is one of five Moyo restaurants in South Africa. The other Joburg branch is located in Zoo Lakes and offers a great weekend buffet lunch.

Before the start of our meal, we had our faces painted and our hands were washed as part of African tradition.

"Moyo is inspired by the traditions and values of our ancestors, moyo is a celebration of, and commitment to, the beauty of Africa, and the industry of her people. Our famously warm hospitality and modern African ambiance make the moyo experience an unforgettable one." 

AnneSam and me

And then there was food..... 

Moyo boasts a variety of very interesting authentic African dishes. It's the sort of place you go to try new food! There are also a lot of 'normal' commercialised dishes for those that are a little hesitatnt to experiment.

Starter options include -

  • Fried mopane worms deep fried in spicy seasoning R45
  • Farmed crocodile tail pies - Diced crocodile tail in a creamy mustard filling, baked in puff pastry and presented with a pineapple and orange salsa, and a rocket and red onion salad R69

Mains -

  • Warthog potjiekos with sweet potato, starking apple, prunes and pumpkin cubes R145
  • Papaya and ginger ostrich fillet marinated in ginger, papaya and yoghurt, grilled and presented on samp and beans, with mealies, and a roasted garlic and tomato gravy R159
  • Berbere kudu loin grilled cubes of kudu loin, presented on a hanging skewer and seared with mealies, hand cut chips and Madagascan green peppercorn sauce R165
Desserts - 
  • Cape malva pudding flambéed with brandy and served with custard, creamy vanilla ice cream and ground pistachio nuts R65
  • Lemon meringue mille feuille - Zesty lemon curd swirled cheesecake, layered between crispy golden baked puff pastry, with chewy meringue topping, served with caramel popcorn and raspberry coulis R69
Read the full menu here - Moyo Origins

There is also a cafe-style breakfast and lunch menu which you can have a look at here - Moyo - Life.
As well as good food, Moyo also has an extensive wine list and a delicious cocktail menu - Moyo - Celebrations.

I rated Moyo 4 out of 5 on Zomato, you can check out my review HERE.

A big thank-you to Moyo and Zomato for organising this amazing dinner!!

Also, Zomato South Africa are FINALLY on instagram. It's a bit of a bitter sweet situation as now we can tag and follow them but my timeline is full of delicious food pics which really makes watching what I eat just that much more difficult! Give them a follow - @zomatosa

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