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Sunday, 22 March 2015

2nd Lungaversary

Sometimes having a transplant is compared to having a baby. It's a scary process that changes your life for the better. After having a baby/transplant every decision you make is based on what is best for your new lungs/baby. They become more important than you. My lungaversary is definitely more special than my birthday. My birthday celebrates the day I was born but my transplant celebrates the day my life began. That's not to say that I didn't have a life before transplant, I most certainly did and made the most out of everything I could. However, life was hard and having to suffer daily didn't allow the true 'me' to come out. Now, I am who I was always meant to be and I beleive that my new lungs and I were always destined to be togther. 

Tascha (Pyschologist),  Cathy (CF doctor), Me, mom, Aviva (physiotherapist) 
On the 5th of March I got together for a ladies brunch at Salvationcafe with some of the special ladies in my life that made my transplant story a success. 

Tascha, my psychologist was amazing before, during and after my transplant. As I have mentioned a few times, one of the hardest parts of my transplant was the mental battle. It's something that I will never be able to explain but Tascha was there to listen and helped me through some very dark days. When I had ICU psychosis she left her family in the middle of the night to come and sit with me so that I calmed down and felt safe. She is an amazing person and I am so grateful she is in my life! 

Cathy is my Cystic Fibrosis doctor and she has been a huge part of my life. I used to see her every month for a check up and she has been by my side every step of the way to ensure that I would have a successful transplant. She watched the surgeons doing my transplant and sent messages to my family so that they knew what was going on in theatre. After my transplant she visited me nearly every day and where she couldn't she sent me the most encouraging messages. She said watching me recover from my transplant was like watchig one of her children grow up, everything I did for the first time was an achievement and Cathy was there to support me. She is THE most incredible doctor and I know without a doubt that if I had any other doctor I wouldn't have made it. 

My mom, has always been and will always be one of the most important people in my life. There really are no words to describe how much she has done for me. Sleeping on a chair for 3 months in hospital with me during my transplant is only the tip of the ice breg. What I went through was physically and emotionally the hardest thing I will ever have to do but it was my battle and I was somewhat in control. All my mom could do was watch me suffering and as a mother this must be the most awful thing to have to do. I recall a number of times saying to her, "mom, I don't want to do this any more" and she always responded with positivity even though I know that inside she was worried sick! She's just the most incredible mom and woman and that's all there is to it.

Aviva is my physiotherapist and I used to see her every day in hospital for physio sessions. Physio was NOT a fun part of my treatment. Before my transplant I was so sick and tired all the time so to do 30mins of breathing exercises and coughing was not an easy task. However, I always looked forward to my chats with Aviva, we talked about everything from wedding dresses to Lady Gaga and she always made me smile. Whenever my mom wasn't around Aviva assured me that she was my 'surrogate mom' and was always there for me. She is a huge pillar of support and a source of much happiness for me! 

Of course there are many other people I haven't mentioned that I am thankful to. My pulmonologist and transplant doctor, Dr Williams, who I have so much respect for. My surgeon, Dr Sussman, who is an absolute rockstar and amazing human. My dad who 'gets me' more than most people do and I love so much. My aunty Heather who always goes above and beyond to support me. My brother, who always makes me laugh and has my back, even though he would never admit it. My friends, who I can phone up any time and know that they will make me feel better. Thank-you EVERYONE!! 

And now something a little more light hearted - my lungaversary party on the 6th March -

Of course, I chose The Baron Fredman to have a little dinner and party at. The Baron has always been one of my favourite night spots and now that I work with them, they have an even more special place in my heart. Thank-you Baron for making my night so amazing!
"We are very honored to be apart of this event this coming Friday !!
Fawn Rogers 2nd year Lung anniversary.
A few years back we chatted to her on Twitter as she was homebound playing scrabble and spelt out THE BARON. We obviously suggested she gets triple points. On Friday we get to celebrate with her x " - The Baron Fredman
Jade, Cassandra, Daniella, Bianca, me
Nothing makes me happier than laughing with my friends and we did exactly that. I have old friends that have been with me through my hardest days and I have new friends that have been with me through my journey of rediscovering life. ALL these friends are special to me and play such an important role in my life!

Using my beautiful lungs to blow out the candle on my cake! 
Daniella organised a DELICIOUS cake for me as well as a tin of wooden sticks for everyone to write a little message to me on. Daniella and I work together and have become fast friends, she is so supportive and always there for me to talk to about my little life dramas. I'm so grateful for our friendship and know that she is always going to be a special part of my life xx

Special messages from everyone
Another special person in my life is fellow lung transplantee and friend, Alice. Alice is someone I can talk to about ANYTHING, no matter how gross, personal or disturbing. Our friendship goes from strength to strength and we will always have a very special bond! Below is a photo of Alice and I at my lungaversary last year and then a photo of us this year. I know there are going to be MANY years of fun ahead with this lovely friend of mine. 

A huge thank-you to all the friends that came and celebrated with me. I had way too much fun - like literally TOO much though! ;)

In summary - I have amazing people in my life and lungaversaries get better and better every year!


  1. such a beautiful post! So sad I missed it but I cant wait to celebrate the next one with you, and the next, and the next.... ;) xXx

    1. Thaks Cassi! Yes, there will be many more for us to celebrate together xxx


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