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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New hair

For a woman, having nice hair makes you feel great - going to the hairdresser is an experience that we look forward to and it always lifts our spirits. 

Recently my friend and work collegue Daniella had her done at LDR Salon and it came out so beautifully - 

She decided to organise for me to have a little hair make over done at LDR for my lungaversary - she's sweet like that :) 

I was so excited to have my hair done but also rather nervous as it would be another 'first' for me with my new lungs. Before my transplant I was too sick to go to a hairdresser for a while and so my mom just trimmed my hair at home. After my transplant I suffered from major hair loss and must have lost up to 70% of my hair. I was so upset about it but 6 months later it started to grow back. With my hair still recovering and not much left to work with I didn't think it was necessary to go to a hairdressr. I was waiting for it to grow back a little more and then I could go and get it done but after having it done, I realise that waiting wasn't necessary and a good hair dresser will always make a plan! 

Amount of hair loss in a day
Bald patch coming along nicely
So after not having my hair done in over 4 years, off I nervously went to see what LDR could do with my hair. I didn't want anythng drastic and was a little worried they would want to cut my hair short as it was so thin at the bottom. The shortest I've ever had my hair was still past my shoulders length. Having long hair has always been a comfort for me, I dont think my face shape would suit short hair but even if it did, I know I would feel very 'naked' with a short style.

Another issue I have is that my hair has always been straight but since my transplant it has grown back curly leaving me with a very strange set of hair. LDR had quite a challenge on their hands but Lakin, the owner, made me feel very much at ease and she had everything under control.

We decided to do a bit of colour to soften the look. I was a bit apprehesive about damaging my hair with colour so Lakin used a 'paint' technique which isn't as harsh on your hair and gives a much more natural effect.

After the colour Lakin gave me a an amazing cut which made my hair look so much thicker! I'm so so happy with the overall result -

Thank-you Daniella for organsing along with Kirsty from Actorvate, I really appreciate this special treat! I had forgotten how good it feels to have your hair done and to be pampered. I also didn't realise how much could still be done with my hair, even though it's still recovering!

And of course a HUGE thank-you to Lakin and LDR Salon for doing such a fantastic job! I feel amazing and ready to celebrate my 2nd lungaversay with this gorgeous new hair!

If you're looking for a hairdresser in Joburg then I highly recommend LDR Salon!! Go check them out on Facebook and Twitter

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