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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Big Blog Exchange 2014

The Big Blog Exchange is run by Hostelling International and is an exciting and unique project where 16 passionate bloggers swap blogs and countries with each other simultaneously for 10 days - and share their experience with the world. The project was first explored in 2013 and was a great success engaging over 1200 bloggers across 100 countries.

Last night whilst up trolling the internet thanks to my annoying insomnia, I stumbled upon a fellow blogger T & Serindipity who had entered The Big Blog Exchange. Naturally I voted for her, but then I thought to myself... "Fawn, YOU too have a blog, YOU SHOULD ENTER".

With all my health issues in the past, travelling had never really been on the cards for me. But now that I'm healthy it's something that I would absolutely LOVE to do! Everyone is always talking about how they're itching to travel and experience new things, but I've been in the process of experiencing new things on a small scale. New lungs have made life an adventure for me, just being able to go to the shops is exciting and fulfilling for me as it's something I missed out on for so many years. However, it's been over a year since my transplant now and I think it's time to start aiming a little higher and pushing myself to experience new things and places.

The thought of being chosen as one of the 16 bloggers to swap countries is VERY scary. I grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe and the furthest holiday destination I had been to was Durban with my family. Then one brave year I decided to visit Cape Town for the weekend by myself and that was a pretty big deal in 'Fawn's World'. After that I was lucky enough to be able to go and spend New Years in Mozambique with my friends and that was my last holiday before I became very ill. After my transplant one of my very close friends got married in Victoria Falls and I was so excited to A.Be a part of her special day and B.Finally get to have an opportunity to see the Falls!

So yes, I'd be lying if I told you that I've NEVER travelled but I've been in 3 neighbouring countries and that is the extent of my worldliness. Going to an unknown location across the seas would be a HUGE personal challenge and something that I would remember for the rest of my life.

So now, let's get me on a plane!!! Please go vote for me HERE and share my page with others to increase my ranking =)

Deer in the big city!
Thank-you all for your support and if I am chosen as one of the 16 bloggers then I will need your support and encouragement even more!!!


  1. hi ! i voted for you. Could you please vote for me too ?
    I also already voted for Tandserendipity, such a nice blog too !!
    good luck !

  2. This is the most amazing concept! Have never heard of it and will definitely vote for you xxx

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