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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Anni King

I was invited to the Anni King Spring-Summer collection preview last week which was an event executed flawlessly by Pink Vanilla. The event was held at the Intoto Gallery which was a lovely space to display the gorgeous Anni King handbags.

There were SO many beautiful bags and not a single one that I wouldn't have wanted to take home with me. I had a tough time choosing my favourite one but I really loved the lemon yellow palete that Joanna choose for some of the bags. This particular handbag caught my eye and I am in love with the true spring/summer feel that this design embodies.

I put Joanna on the spot and asked her which bag was her favourite. Of course, as the designer, she loves all her creations but she said, if she HAD TO choose her favourite handbag in her spring-summer collection it would be the "Sweet Pea in Baby Pink".

As well as lovely handbags there was also lovely 'to die for' food as well as the always delicious Pongracz champagne flowing. 

Dessert 'spoon wall'
Canape tree

Ma Cherie Nails was also at the event and did our nails to match the collection. She is absolutely amazing at nail art so go check her out if you want your nails to stand out from the crowd.

Naturally I opted to have mine done to match the yellow colour palete.

We were also given a gift bag which had a beautful Anni King wallet inside. I was lucky enough to get a yellow wallet and left the event a very happy girl!

I keep bumping into Joanna at various events, she is just the sweetest person and we have started to become friends. I decided to do a little interview with her to find out more about how she started the Anni King brand -

1. When/how did your love for handbags start?
I'm not 100% certain of the when, I guess I really only knew of my passion for handbags when I realized that not all girls feel the same way about handbags as I do. I like handbags because it is a woman's whole life, it is our companion for life and most of us take this for granted. Handbags are an interesting piece of accessory... 

"....the kind of bag you carry says so much about you as a person."

2. Tell us about the first bag that you desgined? 
I haven't told anyone about this, so you'll be the first to hear about it.
This goes way back. The very very first item that I made was a hand sewn pencil/accessories pouch that I made from my old Levi's jeans. If you were as crazy as I was about Levi's jeans then you'll know about the Levi's Twisted Jeans that was very on trend back when I was in high school. I loved the way the seams started on the side and was twisted so it finished in the front of the jeans and I took that part of the pair of jeans I had together with the iconic Levi's pocket & logo and created a pouch with it which I used as a pencil case.

3. Where do you find your inspiration and what is your style?
If I'm not travelling I find inspiration from every part of my life, I find beauty in my everyday life and that inspires me. I enjoy travelling a lot and I'm fortunate enough to have done quite a bit of it, seeing the beauty in the different parts of the world also inspires me.

4. You transitioned from a corportae job to designing handbags, please tell us more about this? 
My first job out of varsity was a sales position at Ernst & Young, I learnt so much while working there but I felt like I wanted more and this job just wasn't enough in terms of fulfilling the passion inside of me. Becoming a designer never even crossed my mind at that time, I never even knew it was a possibility; but one day I just decided if this is what I enjoy doing, then why not? 

5. You have a very inspirational "reach for your dream" story, what would you say to others who are stuck in a job they don't feel is right but they are scared to make the leap?
I know this has become such a cliche, but you only live once...

"....why build other people's dreams when you have a dream of your own." 

Do not be afraid to dream, fear is what makes us grow. Ask yourself: what have you got to lose, what's worse than living an unhappy/unfulfilling life. 

My passion is what makes me happy, what's your passion?

6. What are your future goals/dreams? 
Anni King can be found in a few other countries worldwide, but at this stage it is not permanent. I want to make this permanent. Dream big or not at all, right?

The name Anni King comes from Joanna's middle name "Anni" and her father's first name, "King".

Cass, Me, Tam, Joanna. (Photographer: Phillip)

Thank-you so much for sharing your story with me Joanna. I'm looking forward to watching Anni King grow and wish you all the very best for the future - I know you will achieve your dreams, and more!

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  1. Looked like such a gorgeous event and you looked so pretty! That yellow suits you <3

    1. It was SUCH a lovely event! Thanks - I love the colour =) xx


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