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Saturday, 2 August 2014


Pureberry believes in Freedom and Purity. Their yogurt is FREE from refined cane sugar, Free from saturated fat, FREE from artificial colourants (E numbers) and flavours. They only use natural ingredients to flavour their delicious yogurt.

Pureberry has recently opened it's doors in Bryanston Shopping Centre, (cnr William Nicol & Ballyclare) They are a truly healthy place of interest that have a fantastic Juice Bar and make their own Craft frozen yogurt. Other frozen yogurt shops are marketing their products as healthy, focusing on the low fat aspect of frozen yogurt (and mainly target kids) when they are actually packed with synthetic flavours, colourants and high sugar. Pureberry are taking a stance against the huge increase in childhood diabetes, the rise of ADHD in kids, heart disease, obesity and other health risks associated with sugar, artificial colorants (E numbers), synthetic flavours made of chemicals & high salt.

Pureberry use 100% natural yogurt, 100% natural ingredients to flavour their frozen yogurt and no preservatives. They also have no artificial colours (thus ADHD friendly) and their yogurt is cane sugar free, sweetened with Stevia & Agave Nectar,  a natural, Low GI sweetener from the Agave plant grown and used as a natural remedy in South America for hundreds of years by the Aztecs and local tribes.

At Pureberry the Juices are all 100% Raw and Natural, made in front of you with nothing artificial.

The beautiful store was designed by my friend "Flea" who brought the fresh and natural concept to life.


Flea Design is owned, managed and run by Jeff James.

Jeff holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from The University of Johannesburg and has a special appreciation for furniture and home ware pieces.

His passion for design and interiors has lead to the formation of Flea, an all encompassing furniture design and manufacturing hub.

The pieces that Jeff designs, creates and manufactures are all special in their own way. They have been brought to life in their three dimensional form through hours of design, thought and special attention to detail, materials and specifications. The pieces that are designed and manufactured at Flea are all batch produced, therefore making a 'Flea' piece a special one in its own right.

A careful consideration has been given to the environment with every piece that is created and this is seen through the use of bamboo wood tops, recycled materials and reclaimed materials.

Can you believe it took 2 months from start to finish to create this beautiful space!! Well done Flea =)

There are so many wonderful flavours and choices! I decided to try out the cafe latte frozen yoghurt and it was absolutely superb. Pureberry is definitely going to be my 'go to' summer treat spot and I plan to eat my way through every flavour and combination.  

Cafe Latte with almonds and dried berries

Remember that Purberry is -            100% real yogurt (0% yogurt powder)
0% sugar (sweetened with Stevia)
0% artificial colourants / E numbers
0% tartazine
100% natural flavouring
0% chemical flavouring
Lowest GI
Lowest calorie count

- and the juices are made from fresh ingredients right in front of you, while you wait.

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