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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Western Cape getaway {Part 4}

19th February
Our last day! Of course on our last day we had the most perfect weather and not nearly enough beach time!

On our quest to find beach side restaurants we set off for Sedgefield to try out PiliPili which was recommended by Travis's cousin. Although we didn't have a beach view, we had sand between our feet and we had a really lovely meal. I had prawns which I had been craving for a while, followed by chocolate chili spring rolls and a final Pina colada! Just a few steps over a little dune there was a gorgeous beach waiting for us but unfortunately we didn't have time to explore as we usually did.

Final Pina Colada #5

Travis had signed up to do the Daredevil Run which is an annual run done in speedos to raise awareness and funds for cancer. Why do something like this while you are on holiday you ask? Because Travis is a good guy like that :)

After the 5km run we made our way to the Zanzibar Sports Cafe which Travis's cousin owns. There we cooled off and had a few drinks before heading out to a local night market in Wilderness. It started raining so we went back to Zanzibar and partied our last night away!

Travis and his cousin Elizabeth
And that concludes our little getaway. We flew back to Joburg the next morning (20th).

I just want to say a huuuge thank-you to Elizabeth and Chris for letting us stay with them and looking after us so well. We really couldn't have asked for better hosts!

And of course, a massive thank-you to the most amazing boyfriend and travel buddy anyone could ask for! I was so well looked after and wouldn't change a thing - Travis really is an absolute gem, in case you didn't know! 

I don't think it will be the last time we see George, we had the most wonderful relaxing holiday!

Tomorrow I set off to Cape Town for the weekend to celebrate my good friend's 30th birthday. I'm sure it will be a completely different experience to George but one that I am looking forward to none the less.

At the end of March I have my cousin's wedding in the Midlands so I really do feel like a jet-setter at the moment. I am delighted to be healthy enough to travel and even more happy that I am finally getting to explore South Africa properly. It is such a beautiful country and we really should make the most of living here.

Hopefully next year (for my 30th ) I will get the opportunity to go overseas for the first time! None of this would be possible if it wasn't for my beautiful 'new' lungs. My 3rd lungaversary is next weekend and I just keep having more and more to be grateful for.

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  1. True love, yayness!!!! Can't wait for your 3 year party and really hope you get to go overseas next year!!!! It's the BEST


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