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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Western Cape getaway {Part 3)

More beach time, jelly fish and strawberry picking! Such diversity on our little getaway!

17th February
Another day, another beach! Victoria Bay was the pick of the day but it was another very windy day so we did some beach exploring and then made our way to lunch.

Random, but there were so many jelly fish on all the beaches we visited! Travis took great pleasure in 'checking if they were dead'.

Behind the scenes of our holiday photos! {Pina Colada #2}
We looked everywhere for a 'beach view' restaurant and the only one we could find was Salina's. Food was average and a bit over priced but the view was definitely worth the stop.
On our way home we decided to stop at Redberry Farm to do some strawberry picking. Apparently there is also miniature train rides and a maze there too but we didn't see these. We did the the horses but someone isn't a fan of horse riding so we picked our fruit and made our way home.

By this stage I'm sure you can see that Travis is my holiday model. 
18th February
We wanted to go kayaking but the weather really wasn't playing along in Geroge. It was very overcast and windy so we went to Mossel Bay which was a lot sunnier!

You can see the clouds following us
Travis had found a restaurant online that he wanted to try - Kaai 4-Braai. It was a very rustic sandy restaurant with a big braai area in the middle where all the food was being cooked. The food was decent but we think it would have been a better evening venue as there was space for bands etc.

{Pina Colada #3}
Right next to Kaai 4 Braai was Mossel Bay Oyster Bar where I got my oyster fix! This was such a quaint little sushi/cocktail bar that was by far the most modern restaurant we had been to. I really enjoyed sitting on the deck overlooking the harbor.

Side note - Another thing there is a lot of in George is paragliding!

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