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Thursday, 4 February 2016


Today is World Cancer Awareness Day and in honour of that I would like to talk about a truly great initiative that is taking place!
#ThePinkTableProject is simple - participating restaurants will host pink tables and the patrons that book to dine at these tables will have an additional R100 per person added to their bill. This money is given to the PINK DRIVE and put towards educating people about early detection of breast cancer, as well as providing free screening. 

You can see all the restaurants that have signed up in Johannesburg on Zomato HERE
Daniella and I were invited to the #ThePinkTableProject influencer launch at Aurelias in Emperors Palace, Here we got to meet and listen to passionate cancer awareness activist Ryan Mattheson. 

Our evening was lovely, not only did we get to listen to inspiring speakers but we were spoilt with delicious food and seated at beautifully decorated PINK tables! 

#ThePinkTableProject will also be offering a prize for the BEST DRESSED TABLE, where each patron seated at the winning table wins a R1000 dinner voucher to any restaurant participating in the PINK TABLE PROJECT. 

I love initiatives that are not only for a good cause but are fun too! So get creative and decorate your own table at any participating restaurant.

Great speakers, stunning table decor and just look at that food! Thank-you ZOMATO and #ThePinkTableProject for hosting us!

Now back to World Cancer Awareness Day - 

Last year my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Unfortunately she didn't go for regular tests and so by the time they picked up she had cancer it had already progressed to stage 4. THIS is why it's so important to go for regular tests and do home checks as well. Early detection really does save lives! 

Because of my suppressed immune system I go for very regular check-ups. Last year potential cervical cancer was found and I was opertaed on to prevent this from spreading and developing into full blown cancer. Ladies please, see your gynae annually and have ALL your tests done!!

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