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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pink Vanilla

As some of you may know, I have recently started working for Pink Vanilla. Last year after my transplant my only goal was to recover and start adjusting to 'normal life'. I was over the moon to have new lungs and really enjoyed being healthy but getting back into the world wasn't easy as one might think. I was very overwhelmed by everything and felt socially awkward everywhere I went. Going from being so sick and bed ridden to now going out and partying with friends was quite a big adjustment. I struggled at times and it really hit me in January when I got back to Joburg from my holiday in Zimbabwe and started to look for work.

I have never had a full time job and my only qualifications are my Cambridge O and A levels. Despite this I was pretty confident that I would find a good job. I knew I had a lot to offer and just needed to find a company that could see that. In March I started my very first job at an events company. It was just after my lungaversary and I was so excited to get started. I even wrote a blog post HERE about my first week at work.

After a while though, I realised that the position wasn't going to work out in my best interests. I won't go into details but once I had realised this I put in my resignation straight away. Life is short and I didn't want to waste any time at a company that wasn't going to be able to give me what I needed to be satisfied. I then went to Zim for a month to celebrate friends weddings and the next thing I knew it was June and I was looking for a job again.

By this stage my blog had started to do well and I was attending all sorts of events and networking like a pro. I started to see that there were so many small businesses that had no clue how to use social media to benefit their brand and it got me thiniking - I can do it for them! Learning fast is something I do very well and with a natural flare for writing and marketing I thought this new idea was perfect. I started to put together a few propsals for small brands that I knew I could help.

Before I went through with sending these proposlas I heard that a Digital/PR agency called Pink Vanilla was looking for someone to help them with doing social media for their clients.

I had met Daniella, the owner of Pink Vanilla, at various events and we had slowly started to become friends. We had a meeting to discuss the possibility of me working with her and she welcomed me with open arms.

Cass, Me, Daniella & Tam

Founded in 2003 by Daniella Frankiskos, PINK VANILLA is a national Agency with a flare for design and passion, that is geared to bringing your visions and ideas to life.

We distinguished ourselves as a strong, below the line agency which specializes in events, PR and digital marketing.

Our multi-skilled, dynamic team are constantly developing and keeping up with international trends, this ensures that we will exceed your expectations. With our extensive experience and knowledge, PINK VANILLA is prepared for the future and we have formed strategic partners in all major cities throughout South Africa so we can supply clients with only perfection.

Our combination of professionalism and a comfortable, friendly environment makes our agency a place people return to and a name people recommend.

Pink Vanilla uses a pink deer head as one their pictures that represents the agency. This was one of MANY signs that I was going to feel right at home with Pink Vanilla and I couldn't wait to begin my new career. I started with managing the social media accounts for some of the exisitng Pink Vanilla clients and have since brought in additional clients who's social media and PR I now also work on. I'm learning more and more about how PR works and more specifically, how it works in Joburg. Daniella and I have the same work ethics and the same disregard to be involved in any drama that seems to arise so frequently in this industry. We simply give the best that we can to our clients and listen to their needs whilst constanlty searching of ways to improve our service.

We have such a large variety of clients, everything from a web design company, apps, an asset management firm, designer handbag brand and a skin care centre to one of my favourite bars in Joburg.

These are some of our clients:
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On Main


I absoluetly love all of our clients and I am so happy to be what doing I am doing what I am doing, it is a combination of everything I have been looking for in a career. I work from home which is great but of course with all the events I attend, I'm out more than I am at home and have to actually schedule home days to try and get some work done. There is room for huge growth which I have already experienced and hope to continue to experience in 2015. Growth is so important to me because at 27 I feel a little behind in life and feel the need to "catch up" as quickly as possible. I am a very creative person and so content creation as well as dabbling in graphic design keeps my creative soul happy. I am also a people person and enjoy networking so being able to continue attending events and meeting people is amazing.

I'm SO happy to have met Daniella and will always be grateful to her for taking a chance on me. She has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known and I am so lucky to have her in my life!

Make-up by Nicci
Love you so much my deer!

And there you have it, that's what I've been spending my time on lately and is also an explanation why my blog has been a bit quiet! If you'd like to get in touch with me to discuss how Pink Vanilla can help you with your social media, events or PR needs then please email me on fawn@pinkvanilla.co.za
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  1. Very proud of you! I'm almost 7 years post tx and still haven't found a job I love! It's still only bucket list though!

  2. Such a great post! I would never have thought you were socially awkward - you always ooze confidence when I see you. The happiness with work comes through in your post and every update you share. So cool!

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