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Friday, 28 November 2014


The Magnum Pleasure Store is open for a limited period of eight weeks (Saturday 1 November to Wednesday 24 December) and the opening times are: Monday to Thursday from 10am to 8pm; Friday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm; and Sundays from 10am to 5pm.
                                                                                                                            Taken from Eat Out

The concept store in The Zone: Rosebank is just as decadent as the ice creams themselves. It really is an experience that you need to indulge in before the store closes!

Actorvate treated a few of us to experience the Magnum phenomenon and as expected we all thouroughly enjoyed it. Thank-you Actorvate xx

There were SO many toppings to choose from, it was by far the most stressful part of my day ;) I eventually decided on almonds, honeycomb brittle and I think caramelised macadamias. It was DIVINE!!

My creation
Joanna's gorgeous creation
The Trinket Trove aftermath
Apart from the amazing Magnums and the gorgeous store, there is also the photo booth wall which is a fun little addition to the store! 

Me and Tam

Go to the concept store. Basically. 


  1. aaaah why is this not in Cape Town? :(
    It looks amazing!!

  2. I think they will have one in Cape Town next year ;)


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