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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Zomato And Winehouse

Last night I had another FANTASTIC evening with Zomato at the incredible Winehouse restaurant which is a part of Ten Bompas Hotel in Illovo.

Firstly, let's just take a moment to appreciate how well Zomato is doing and what a great company they are. Yesterday it was announced that they have closed a further $60 million in funding, giving the company a post-money valuation of $660 million. Founded in 2008, New Delhi-headquartered Zomato began as a menu card scanning service in India, sending people out to collect menus from restaurants and then scanning them. Zomato claims 30 million visits across its web and mobile platforms every month. Read more about Zomato and their expansion plans HERE.

Amy Winehouse painiting
Ok, now back to Winehouse:

Winehouse restaurant takes its inspiration from a painting of Amy Winehouse by Joanna Flatau, a Polish artist living in Paris. The owners of Ten Bompas first met Joanna in Lagrasse, Languedoc, where they purchased her iconic painting for the hotel’s restaurant. Reflecting the heady combination of French flair, good times, great food and wine, the painting embodies the laid-back energy backdrop of this restaurant. 

The Hotel and restaurant have a very clean modern feel whilst still mainting a warm and welcoming enviroment. The staff were all very friendly which added to the great dining experience we all had there. This was my 4th Zomato foodie meet up I have attended and I know I said this last time but each meet up honestly gets better and better. The food last night blew our minds and I'm going to have to put Winehouse right at the top of my MUST TRY restaurant list!

                                                                                                               Photo credit: Ten Bompas Facebook
Starter:Kudu carpaccio 

Mains: Seabass

Dessert: Crepe Suzette
Spring Menu

Starters R70

  • Wild mushroom consommé, tortellini, truffle, radish, soy pudding
  • Cold smoked kudu carpaccio, gorgonzola, grain mustard, sherry vinegar
  • Beetroot cured salmon, beetroot gel, tom yum “tofu”, edimame beans
  • Confit potato, vanilla aioli, truffle, camembert & organic coffee

Main course R180

  • Braised pork belly, apple, Tonka bean, red miso oil, pork bubbles, arancini
  • Sea bass, burned onion, green onion relish, black olive
  • Peppered beef, braised oxtail, parsnip, roasted garlic
  • Roasted duck breast, peas, polenta, saffron pear
  • Gnocchi, butternut, honey, sage, burnt butter, toasted almond

(All main courses served with side services of “hasselback” potatoes & green salad)

Dessert R60

  • Crêpe suzette, vanilla custard, Grand Marnier, Greek yoghurt sorbet, orange gel
  • Treacle tart, candied pecans, salted crumble, clotted cream ice-cream
  • Self saucing chocolate pudding, hazelnut ice-cream – (allow 20 minutes for preparation)

2 Course (1 Starter, 1 Main course or 1 Main course, 1 Dessert) ~ R220

3 Course (1 Starter, 1 Main, 1 Dessert) ~ R280

For starters I went with the Wild mushroom consommé, tortellini, truffle, radish, soy pudding. Everything looked so delicious on the menu and we all had food envy fears so we took our time when ordering. I don't think anyone had food envy, ALL the dishes looked amazing! I definitely didn't regret ordering this mushroom starter, it was too divine and the soy addition made it just the right saltiness for me! 

Next I had the Braised pork belly, apple, Tonka bean, red miso oil, pork bubbles, arancini. Arancini is basically the same as risotto balls and they were extremely tasty! The pork bubbles were so divine, sometimes pork crackling can be rather oily and hard to eat, these were just perfect!

For dessert I decided on the Treacle tart, candied pecans, salted crumble, clotted cream ice-cream. The ice cream gave this sweet dish a nice balance and I ate every crumb ooff the plate! 

As a little extra, Winhouse gave us all a sweets board which was filled with all things divine. 

The wine at Winehouse, as you would expect was superb which makes this restaurant a one stop shop for food and wine lovers alike!! 

I gave them a 5 out of 5 rating on Zomato and I'm pretty sure my fellow foodies are going to follow suit! Check out our reviews on Zomato HERE.

A huge thank-you to Zomato for another unforgettable evening and to Winehouse for the impressive experience!


  1. Brilliant post, thank you Fawn! X

  2. I drive past there almost every day and have always wondered what's on the inside!!! Will def keep it in mind for a special occasion such as a 7 year lungaversary!

    1. No, thank-YOU Zara! Alice, it's a definite!! And don't you dare go without me ;)


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