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Sunday, 25 January 2015


This week I was invited to the first Zomato foodie meet up of 2015. It was so nice to see old faces and meet the new ones. Zomato is growing so fast and they are hiring at an incredible rate - If you're a Zomato fan I suggest you keep an eye out on positions in this company. Such an amazing brand to work for and the team is awesome!

We went to Metro in Benmore which was unfortunately no better than the experience I had there previously. This is my review of Metro on Zomato where I gave them 3 out of 5 a few months ago.

"Metro - as a venue, is absolutely beautiful. The deep red colour scheme makes the restaurant feel very fancy or royal and with grand staircases and open spaces, it really does have an amazing atmosphere.

The service wasn't great, whilst the waiters were all very pleasant and quick to attend to us, they didn't seem to know their menu too well and just weren't very helpful in general. 

Food was good but not great and the prices were a little on the higher end so we expected a lot more than we got. Presentation was basic and sides weren't very creative."

Sadly there's nothing I would change on my review. The restaurant is great but the food really just isn't up to scratch!

Starters consisted of a meat filled platter which was tasty but very heavy for a starter. With restaurants converting to a healthier style of eating I feel as though Metro are farily behind with their menu.

We had a few choices for mains and I decided to go with prawns which were rather average. For dessert I chose the lindt chocoalte brownies which were very nice but the portion size was a bit crazy. I don't think anyone could eat more than half of their dessert.

We also got to try some Bisquit which is a french brandy or cognac. Unfortunately I'm not much of a brandy drinker so I can't give any feedback on the Bisquit but it was nice to learn a little more about the brand.

As always a big thank-you to Zomato as well as Metro for a lovely evening!

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