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Thursday, 18 September 2014


It all started with the unveiling of Pappas in Kelvin in October 1987, by founder Athos Pappas, who saw the need for a family friendly Mediterranean offering, with a leaning towards home-style Cypriot and Greek cuisine. Not afraid to adapt to the trends and shifting times, Pappas moved four times over the last 20 years, before settling in Sandton, the business hub of Africa, in 1997. Athos dreamt of keeping the restaurant as a family  business, and did so by handing over the reins to his children Ria and Evros and son in-law, Charles de Olim, in the late 2000’s. (Athos now resides in Cyprus where he continues the tradition of orthodox priesthood in his family. Papa means priest/father in Greek). 

Evros, Ria & Charles
Pappas is a beautiful restaurant set in a very contemporary space with some gorgeous artwork. I really liked the whole atmosphere, it's quiet enough that you can have a good conversation without rasising your voice, yet busy enough to give it a great vibe.

The restaurant has the best view by far, of the Nelson Mandela Square which just adds to the great atmosphere that the interior creates. 

Pappas on the Square is nearly three decades old and is still going strong! The Zomato team treated a few of us foodies to an unforgettable experience at Pappas, where we got to taste various dishes and sample wine that was paired with each dish.

Mayank, Zara, Dean - Zomator team. Mark - Groote Post
Mark, from Groote Post guided us through each wine as it was served. We sampled a wide range of wine, from shiraz to Pinot Noir and we were all very impressed not only with the wine but with Mark's pairing. It really makes a big difference when food and wine are paired correctly so that the flavour of each is enhanced.

The food at Pappas was, as you can imagine DELICIOUS -

Apparently one of the all time favourites on the menu is their Kleftiko (Slow Cooked Lamb). Unfortunately we didn;t get to try this but what we did have was very good. My personal favourite was the spinach stuffed calamari tubes!

Dessert was also incredible, Baklava, homemade ice cream and last but NOT least, Pastelli (sesame seeds, almonds and honey brittle). We were also given some pastelli to take home which did not see the morning in my house! (Bad Diabetic) 

To end off the evening we were given a shot of HOME MADE white chocolate vodka! If I did't have to drive home later that night I certaily would have had quite a few of these, they were amazing! 

I had such a great evening, good food, wine and people - what more can you ask for! I also love the Zomato foodie meet-ups because it's one of the few occassions that I can take pictures of my food and share them on Social Media, without being judged ;)

A big thank-you to Zomato for such a wonderful evening and to Groote Post and Pappas for the incredible food and wine. Pappas also sent us all home with a delicious little gift which was a lovely touch to an already lovely eveing!

"What better place to celebrate Greek heritage than Pappas," - Athos.

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