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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Trinket Trove Launch

On Tuesday night I attended the #TrinketTwilight event which launched the new Trinket Trove designer arm
I did a blog post on Trinket Trove a few months ago (which you can read HERE) and since then I have become good friends with the sisters, Tam and Cass. We've bonded at various events that we have all attended and our friendship just keeps getting stronger and stronger. They are the lovliest girls and I'm so glad I have gotten to know them!

The event was so well organised and just stunning - I was incredibly proud of the sisters and was so impressed by the event! They had the right people there, great food, incredible decor and the interaction with their products was a really fun concept! 

The event took place at the Light Bulb Studios in Midrand where Trinket Trove have their offices. It was such a great venue for the event and the sisters turned the blank studio into a monochrome wonderland. We couldn't believe that Tam had HAND MADE 100s of origami birds - they were absolutely stunning! 

Photo credit to Tanya Demmer
One of the main attractions at the event was the corner of suspended origami birds which each had one of the designer arms attached to them. They were hung over a piece of driftwood which had more of the new designer arms on display. Such a creative way to display their products! 

Upon arrival we were each given a pair of earrings and a ring which we got to choose from a gorgeous selection of the Trinket Trove jewellry.

Ear model - Robyn Francis ;)
ChicaraSashaCassi and I all chose this white rose ring
We then sat down to enjoy some Vrede en Lust wine as well as some bubbly, infused water and fresh fruit juice - I told you these girls knew how to throw an event!

Cute displays everywhere!
Diva Delights did all of the catering and put out such a delicious selection of canapes:

The launch was to introduce Trinket Trove's latest product - the designer arm. 

"Wear your heart on your sleeve, or for that matter your starfish, bicycle or bird. Our unique designer arm combinations are one of a kind. Stack, mix, match. Wear as one or two. Or any combinationthat suits you and your mood. You can even mix and match wth other jewellery."

2 of the designer arms I was given at the launch
These are such beautiful bracelets and I love how you can mix and match them. They come in a set of 5 individual bracelets which are pre selected by the sisters, so the more sets you buy, the more 'mix and match' options you'll have.

My combo of the 2 designer arms.
Since I first discovered the Trinket Trove sisters and their amazing talent I have been an avid fan of their jewellery ever since. Their best selling piece is the 3-in-1 wrap which will always be one of my favourite products of theirs, however - I am absolutely in love with the designer arms and they are definitely giving the 3-in-1 wraps a run for their money! Talking of money, these beauties will be priced from R160 to R200. 

We were each given a a designer arm that was especially chosen for us and they were presented in these stunning gift boxes. 

Trinket Trove dubbed me their "person" a while ago which makes me feel very honoured and I couldn't think of any jewellery brand I woud rather represent! 

Thank-you Tam and Cass for allowing me to be a small part of Trinket Trove, I couln't be prouder of your success and I'm so excited to watch the brand grow! 
JadeSasha and I playing Charlie's Angels at the launch.


  1. It was such a lovely event! Always nice to see you girls =) x

  2. I think we need to ask the Trinket Trove ladies to get some inspiration from these Tory Burch designs and do something similar for us local SA girls: http://techgirl.co.za/2014/12/15/gorgeous-tory-burch-designed-bands-fitbit/


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