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Friday, 30 May 2014


Last month, I resigned from my job and took off to Zimbabwe for just over a month!
Now before you say 'Jeesh Fawn, that's a bit risky, quitting your job for a holiday?" let me reassure you that it was definitely worth it! Plus I got back to Joburg this week and have already been offered a job!

I know, more than most people, how short life really is! This doesn't mean you should be reckless and completely carefree with your decision making but it does mean that sometimes you just have to do what feels right and trust that everything will work itself out!

The Schedule:

25/04 - Arrive in Zim, 1st Hens party (Tin Roof)
26/04 - Home, Family Dinner
27/04 - 1st Kitchen Tea
29/04 - Coffee & catch-up with friends
30/04 - Hair/make-up trials, Birthday Braai + Party (Tin Roof)
2/05 - Wedding Rehearsal
3/05 - Michael & Sara's wedding
7/05 - Party (Tin Roof)
9/05 - Girls Dinner, Party (Tin Roof)
11/05 - Mother's day brunch
16/05 - 2nd Kitchen Tea & Hens party (Tin Roof)
20/05 - Nails done with bridal party
22/05 - Leave for Vic Falls
23/05 - Saw the Falls, Sundowner Cruise on the Zambezi
24/05 - Siana & Kevin's wedding
25/05 - Lunch at Vic Falls Boat Club, Final Dinner
25/05 - Back to Harare
26/05 - Back to Joburg

So as you can see it was a rather eventful trip! Tin Roof is Harare's local drinking hole, it's a great place to bump into old friend's but not a great place to be if you want a quiet night out!
There were obviously more coffee's with friends, lunches, dinners etc but you get the idea! I'm going to let the photo's do the talking from here, even though they NEVER do the real life view any justice! 

Peta, Lisa (Sister), Sara, Me, Shendl (Maid of Honour), Moira missing.

My beautiful Barbill

Tea with Snoek and Barbill

Chilling with Angel
Hair Trial 

Bright and Beautiful

Love is in the air

The Bride and Groom
Gorgeous Setting.
Celebrating Mother's Day
Katie, Meg, Me, Siana & Hele.

Less civilized Hen's party

Mani & Pedi for the wedding

My first time seeing Vic Falls!!
Rainbows everywhere! 

Gin & Tonic - Vital part of my anti malaria protection programme! 
Bridal party
The Bride and Groom


Back to Joburg! 
Such an amazing holiday! This time last year I would still be in hospital, recovering from the punctured lungs incident. It's absolutely incredible that I am able to do the all things that I am doing. I dreamed of having a 'normal' life, being able to go to the shops and cook my own dinner, but travelling to Vic Falls and being able to do everything that I am doing, really as exceeded my dreams! 



  1. Ah such great pics Fawn, beautiful weddings and such beauty at the Vic Falls!
    Haha I love your G&T medication - I myself practice the same when I'm up in Zambia ;)
    I'm so looking forward to meeting you on Sunday! Was even telling my mom about you :)

    Cassi xXx

    1. There were SO many pics!!! Wish I could convey the beauty of my trip more but these will have to do!! Ah I can't wait to meet you either, I'll be the one wearing polka dots ;) See you Sunday Cassi! xxx

  2. love the pics!!!! and that you're using those lungs to the MAX!!!!!


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