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Saturday, 12 April 2014


Zimbabwe.... my home and home to some of the happiest people I know.

To me happiness is an essential part of life. Yes this world isn't always a pleasant place to be but if you look hard enough you can always find something that brings you joy. Sometimes it's a little harder when things aren't going great but that's when it's even more important to look for and hold on to the small things that make you happy.

Before and during my transplant, life was pretty rough to say the least, but I was generally a happy person. I was able to achieve this happiness because my state of mind was one of the few things I had control over. I had little control over my health, I worked at it but it deteriorated anyway. So instead, I worked on being happy. Friends and family helped a lot but at the end of the day the decision to be happy is yours.

In life everyone works on their careers, fitness, education and relationships but happiness is something people assume will just 'happen'. Sure, if you work on the other aspects of your life, happiness often finds its way into your life on it's one but as soon as something falls apart happiness is the first to jump ship.

Work on your happiness so that when something goes wrong in your life you still have the mindset of being happy.

How do you work on your happiness, you say? Well it starts with appreciation. Look at all the small things in your life and really take some time to think about them and appreciate them. Breathing for instance, it's a 'little' thing but appreciate the fact that you can do it. When you start to count and appreciate all these little blessings in your life you will soon realise just how much you have to make you happy.

I am currently doing the 100 happy days challenge which involves taking a picture of something every day that makes you happy. This is something you can do to ensure that you LOOK for things that make you happy. Some days it's easy and I want to take 5 photos, other days my life seems rather boring and I really have to challenge myself to find something to make me smile! It's a great challenge and I'd encourage you all to try it by clicking HERE =)

Here are some surveys you can do to test how happy you really are-

Happiness Survey

Do you know how to be happy?

There are so many things that make me happy in this world. Seeing a little flower growing between a crack in the road reminds me how resilient and beautiful nature is. Smelling the arrival of the first rains and of course animals!

Whether it's a cute puppy being so innocently naughty....
Cute puppy photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-3734-1370010471-16_zpsa075627b.gif

Or doing a trick that makes you feel so proud to have taught them something...
Dog catching ball photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-3389-1369954359-12_zps55783611.gif

Animals showing each other love and tolerance....
Sloth and cat love photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-1090-1369945123-24_zps425db7ce.gif

Giving your pet love and seeing the joy it brings them...
 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-29323-1369940299-3_zps02469e64.gif

Watching a wild animal having fun....
red panda photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-21618-1369939893-23_zps3142250f.gif

The ridiculous...
 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-32505-1369952618-7_zpse063bf59.gif

and the playfulness....
cat dive photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-14403-1369944095-1_zps1bdd955e.gif

Animals always warm my heart :)

Be happy everyone,

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  1. Hi Fawn, I also did the #100happydays challenge and as you say some days it was easy and others not. I stuck it out and saw it through for the full 100 days which is what is meant by the challenge, although not many did it like that. Happiness is truly a mindset. Stay happy...


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