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Monday, 7 April 2014

Hair 2 Go

I was invited to attend the launch of a new concept called 'Hair 2 Go' by the fabulous Blo Hairdressing Salon.

Jenna Brugman & Rory Sandilands 

The salon is in The Parks centre and this is where the launch was held.

Hair 2 Go is a new offering from Blo Hair Salon that teaches ladies how to transform their hair from a daytime look to an evening look in a short amount of time. Blo is offering courses to ladies which will be once a week and the offer includes a lovely goodie bag with hair and make-up essentials to help transform your look.

At the launch we were shown a few models who'd had their hair done in a variety of styles for daytime. They then had a couple of minutes (without using a mirror!) to transform their hair into a glamorous evening style. What they managed to accomplish in a few minutes was incredible!

We also had make-up artist Tiffany (@TiffanyMUA) show us how to do make-up to compliment the evening hair do's. The girls looked absolutely gorgeous with their hair and make-up all done, it really is amazing what you can do with the right knowledge and very little time!

We were each given an amazing goodie bag to take home and try out. I've tried a few of the products and they're really great, but I have a lot more to go!

Included in the bags were a little something from the talented Trinket Trove (@TrinketTrove1) sisters who make the most exquisite jewelry!

I met some lovely bloggers at the event who I know of through twitter,
@AliGraaff of www.seamsandsilhouettes.blogspot.com
@SandiSplash from www.sandisplash.blogspot.com and I got to see @Minkysblog from www.hellominkys.blogspot.com again.

I love meeting fellow bloggers, they're always such lovely people!

A big thank-you to Blo Hair Salon for a superb evening and a first look at their exciting new concept 'Hair 2 Go'. I think it is much needed and will do very well. For more information please see their details below.

Blo Hairdressing Salon - Website



  1. Lovely post hun! Thank you for the mention. I absolutely loved meeting you! :-)

    1. Likewise! Looking forward to seeing you soon, at the #BWB meeting or a coffee sometime xx

  2. Great post Fawn! I love that goodie bag photo at the end. Thank you so much for the mention but my blog address is actually http://sandisplash.blogspot.com. I look forward to meeting you again soon :-).

    1. Oops sorry about that, I've corrected it! Yes, looking forward to seeing you soon too =) xx


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