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Friday, 13 January 2017

Love Life : Gift Life

In April last year, myself and 3 of my lung transplant recipient friends. Shaylene, Alice and Siobhan started an NPO called Love Life;Gift Life (LLGL). We are all passionate about organ donation and want to heighten the level of organ donor awareness in South Africa.

Right now thousands of people in South Africa are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant and with less that 1% of the population registered as organ donors, the situation is alarming. As I have mentioned a few times before in my blog, I have lost many friends that did not get a donor in time. It's so frustrating to know that hundreds of people are dying every day and their organs are going to the worms when they could be saving a mother, a young child, a newly wed, a brother and so on. These people waiting for organs are NOT hoping people will die to save their life. They are hoping that in the event that someone tragically passes away, they have informed their family that they wish to donate their organs.   

As someone who knows first hand how incredibly important organ donation is, I wanted to do my part in making a difference. LLGL has quite a few exciting projects this year and I'm looking forward to being a part of an incredible team of ladies who are dedicating precious time and energy towards educating the public as well as doing educational talks to health professionals.

We recently created a Facebook support group for South African organ transplant recipients and those waiting for organs. The waiting process is terrifying and it always helps to chat to people that have already been through the process. After a transplant there are many issues which we face on a daily basis. taking copious amounts of medication, dealing with side effects, going for regular tests, avoiding things that could trigger rejection and so on. Now, thanks to LLGL there is a platform where we can all discuss and support each other! 

If you are waiting for a transplant or have had one and would like to join our group please use the following link - LLGLTransplantSupportGroup
*Please note that this is a closed group that will only accept your request to join if you are a pre or post transplant patient.  

Another important fact that I would like to highlight is that,at the time of your death, your family has the final say regarding organ donation, so it's important that you have spoken to them about your wishes to be an organ donor. You do NOT have to physically sign up to be an organ donor! If your family know of your wishes they will donate your organs. If they do not know of your wishes it will be a difficult decision for them to make. If you have registered as an organ donor, your family can still refuse to donate your organs if you haven't spoken to them and explained why you would like to be a donor.

Let your loved ones know HERE 

For more information please check out our website or social media pages: 
Website:             www.lovelifegiftlife.co.za
Facebook           Love Life: Gift Life
Instagram           @lovelifegiftlife
Twitter               @LLGLSA

Every day I wake up and am so grateful that I can take a deep breathe, get out of bed without tubes trailing behind me, get dressed on my own and carry out my day pain free! My donor, whoever they were, left me their lungs which have given me nearly 4 of the best years of my life. It is the ultimate gift that costs you absolutely nothing but completely changes someone's life.

Please be an organ donor!

LLGL is in need of funding so that we can continue our work and increase our campaign sizes to reach more people! If you would like to make a small donation you may use the following banking details:

First National Bank (FNB)
Account number: 62611413345
Reference: Please use your Name
Account Holder: Love Life: Gift Life
Branch: 250655 (Sandton)

SWIFT code: FIRNZAJJ (Foreign donations)

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  1. Morning I'm Zama Thobeka Mthembu the fist black recipient to undergo a combined heart-kindey transplant I'm now started non-profit organisation for people living with the kidney failure please help me my no 0720759471

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