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Monday, 14 March 2016

Deadpool (His and Hers Review)

Mnet did a pre screening of Deadpool at selected Ster Kinekor cinemas and we were invited to attend the Eastgate event on the 11th of February.

HERS (Me) - 

As a comic book fan, Travis was super excited to see this movie, Deadpool is his favourite character and one way or another he was determined to see the film as soon as possible.

This is a super late review of our experience and I'm sure most of you have already had a chance to see the movie but if you haven't then here is what you missed out on!

I'm not a comic book fan,nor are a lot of other girls and so the Deadpool marketing was very switched on to tap into this and use Ryan Reynolds to try and lure us into watching the movie.

It worked!

Unfortunately, Ryan is covered up for most of the movie and when we do see him he is very disfigured. There are a few sexy scenes where you can get your Reynolds fix but for the most part don't expect to drool over abs!

The Eastgate Ster Kinekor cinema has been completely redone and is super impressive! Ordering drinks and snacks has been digitalised to speed things up and the whole area is very modern and futuristic.

Upon arrival we were treated to welcome cocktails whilst we waited to be let in to the movie. We were also given complimentary popcorn, m&ms and a large soft drink.

Travis doesn't eat popcorn so I had 2 GIANT portions to nibble on! 
Thank-you Mnet for spoiling us!

The story line for Deadpool is quite complex and although it helps to have a background of the character, it's not necessary to follow the movie.

Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a former special forces operative 'bad boy' that meets the love of his love. He is then diagnosed with terminal cancer and offered a chance to undergo experimental procedures that promise to cure him. After these grueling procedures which basically consist of different torture methods, he develops accelerated healing powers. Whilst this is a 'cure' for his cancer, he spends the rest of the movie trying to find the culprits responsible for the torture that has left him severely disfigured.

The movie is full of fast witted dirty jokes. It's one of those movies you actually need to watch twice to make sure you don't miss anything. A dirty mind is needed to make the most of the humour!

I really enjoyed this movie and you can't help but love the anti-hero - Deadpool!

Special effects are also awesome! 
HIS (Travis)  -

I had to leave on the 12th of February to go to a wedding in Knysna and decided a week’s holiday with family in George would do me some good. Problem was that Deadpool was out on the 12th and being a movie snob I wanted to see it on Imax and was prepared to wait a week - but how to avoid spoilers? CRISIS!!! Mnet Movies came to my rescue after myself and Fawn were given tickets to the premier on the 11th *Breathes sigh of relief*

I was very impressed with the new modern and improved Ster-Kinekor in Eastgate Shopping Centre, upon arrival we were greeted with cocktails presented by Liquid Chefs and got a complimentary cold drink, popcorn and peanut M&M’s. I got to swop Fawn out, M&M’s for popcorn (yes, I’m weird like that). I’ve been reading the comics on Deadpool for the last 4 years and instantly became a fan (mainly because I related to his dark and dirty sense of humour) and along with the other fans, I've been dying for the announcement of the movie. The time had finally come, sitting in my seat filled with excitement. All the amazing marketing work was done and it was time…

Deadpool was always going to be a controversial movie compared to the other Marvel movies and this is how we prefer him. As the debates have gone on and on, in the end there was no one more suited to play the role of the Merc with a mouth other than Ryan Reynolds. In all his movies, he has a witty remark of response to everything. The opening credits already displayed what we were in for with the slow motion car role and Deadpool's butt in some bad guys face - classic! They were clever in the way they switch between Deadpool in costume and telling us his story on how Wade Wilson became this disfigured man. His accelerating healing powers doesn’t get rid of his cancer but keeps him from dying from it.
You don’t need to be a big fan to enjoy Deadpool, you just need to have a basic idea of him. However, if you do know him there were so many easter eggs and inside jokes such as referring to the Green Lantern or the horrible attempt at making Deadpool in Xmen Origins. He has a few goes at Wolverine and Hugh Jackman which was brilliantly done. Deadpool knows that he is a in a comic book and due to this fact he constantly breaks that Fourth Wall in some very funny ways, like explaining that only 2 Xmen characters are featured because the Studio didn’t have enough money. Or, his excitement when Angel Dust does a super hero landing when jumping off a high object.

Without giving away too much, the character is crude, rude and does not hold back on the jokes, especially the offensive ones. This is sadly not a movie for children and should be seen by fans or open minded people that are not easily offended. I for one enjoyed every second of it, I especially loved the ending credits scene (you always wait to the end of a Marvel movie) that payed tribute to the 30 year anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s day off. Also let’s not forget the legendary cameo appearance by Stan Lee, this was one for the books.

Thanks again to Mnet movies for making this happen.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed our review!


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