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Monday, 14 December 2015

Joburg's best low carb options

As we're nearing the end of another amazing year, I thought I' quickly just share my top few low carb meals I've had this year. There are so many healthy alternatives now that really, we are left with very few excuses to choose junk foods. I am diabetic and insulin depended and so I try and have as little sugar (carbs) in my diet as possible. This means that I can inject myself with less insulin which, for a needle phobic like myself, is a HUGE incentive. The other benefits include maintaining a healthy weight and just generally being a healthier happier human.

There is so much controversy around low carb, high fat, Banting, paleo diets. Here's what I know for sure, processed sugars (white flour, sweets, fizzy drinks) are bad for you. Natural carbs (potatoes, rice, etc) are the lessor of the 2 evils but they still contain  sugar which, for a diabetic and those trying to lose weight, is bad. Natural fats (cheese, full cream milk etc) are good for you but these need to be consumed in moderation if you are trying to lose weight.

Everyone is different and they respond differently to different diets. The low carb lifestyle has worked for me and I know others that have lost masses of weight on it. I also know a few people (mainly girls) that have struggled with the HIGH FAT part of these diets and therefore did not lose weight. My advice is to remember that whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply be healthier you need to decide on a LIFESTYLE not a diet.
What's the difference? A diet is a short term way of eating designed for immediate effects. A lifestyle is a way of eating that you commit to... for life. So when committing 'for life' you need to be realistic. Set realistic goals, slowly ease into the new way of eating and don't have 'cheat days' where you binge eat yourself silly. Eat well, eat smart and listen to your body - you know it best!

I digress, the best low carb options -


Bunless burgers are popping up everywhere, my pet hate is when a bunless burger is served with potato fries, like... how is this a low carb option? Generally though, bunless burgers are served with sweet potato fries which means that you can have a burger and chips without the guilt! Mugg & Bean do a great bunless burger with bacon and avo served with sweet potato fries.The winner has to be CRAFT in Parkhurst who have a deliciously creative range of low carb burger options.


2 Scoops makes the most amazing sugar free rich dark chocolate ice-cream! They also have a classic sugar free vanilla flavour as well as their most recent flavour - milk tart! This should definitely be on your summer must have list as it's SO hot at the moment and everyone loves ice-cream ;)


Col'Cacchio does a yummy cauliflower base pizza which comes with a side salad.

Andiccio24 makes cauliflower, pumpkin or zucchini base pizzas. They're decent but nothing amazing!

And the winner is... Rockets in Parkhurst who make a delicious cauli base pizza!

They also happen to serve my favourite cocktail...Miami Vice (Half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri)


Salsa is a Mexican restaurant in Fourways and I'm addicted to their lettuce cup tacos! You can select your own ingredients to stuff your taco's and make it just the way you want it! Their prices are super reasonable and the food is great.

P.s - The frozen Jalapeno and watermelon margarita is also a must try (I'm thinking I should do a BEST DRINKS blog post?)


Park Cafe makes the most scrumptious salads and is such a lovely little cafe. Their Salmon, cottage cheese and caper-berry salad will definitely have you coming back for more.

As a little extra low carb tip - WOOLWORTHS makes a great sugar free ginger beer!

Happy eating everyone :)


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