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Sunday, 18 October 2015


Superbalist is here!!! This online shop is filled to the brim with stunning fashion and home accesories that will lower your work productivity significantly!!

After browsing through the beautiful summer collections, my heart was set on 2 tops that I just had to have!

This casual Veckan tee was on sale for R149 so I quickly added it to my shopping cart and now it's MINE! I love that I can wear it with jeans on the weekend or dress it up for a smarter look during the week.

Superbalist has clothing for any occasion and the styles available lend themselves to a 'dress me up or dress me down' vibe.

**They stock over 500 global brands**

Sale items are up to 75% off!! So no matter what your budget, you are bound to find something you can call your own!

Check out what's on SALE HERE

Ok, how STUNNING is this Crochet top ?

I'm not one to show my stomach so I've paired this crop top with high waisted skirts to make a cute addition to my casual work wardrobe.

The quality of the top is immediately evident and for R349 this is an absolute steal!

I ordered a medium but sadly it was too big! NO PROBLEM, I simply signed into my Superbailst account and asked to exchange it for a smaller size. It was super easy!

For me the disadvantages of online shopping are:
  1. Not being able to try on or see the item you are purchasing
  2. Paying for delivery which can become expensive when you shop alot online
  3. Worrying about the returns policy
  4. Not being able to tell if the quality is good
Superbalist has all those concerns covered:
  1. EASY returns for items that weren't as great as you expected. 
  2. FREE delivery on all orders! 
  3. 30 day hassle free exchange policy and a 6 month warranty thereafter
  4. Superbalist only stock high quality brand so quality is guaranteed. 
Here are some other pieces I loved (But restrained myself NOT to purchase!) 



Apart from selling fashion, Superbalist also TALKS fashion and all things COOL!

They have a Style Squad which take a look at this latest fashion, anti-fashion, and everything in-between!

Pretty cool, yes? 

There's also:
Superbalist is more than an online shop - it's a culture!

SIGN UP, download the app, get going and be one of the million Superbalist users! There are vouchers waiting for you ;) 

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Happy shopping!

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