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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Titanic Expo

Last night I attended the Gala opening of the Titanic Expo and it was rather fantastic!
We arrived to be greeted by 'old passengers' of the Titanic still roaming around, as well as very clued up tour guides who were there to share information not available on the walls of the expo.

The expo is designed to take visitors, step by step, through the tragedy of the Titanic. Starting from when it was built, to the unspeakable day of when it sank. Eerie sounds surrounded us as we walked through the different sections of the expo, creaks and cracks of ice bergs took the experience to the next level. 

Old over-sized photos of the RMS Titanic were on every wall. These truly emphasized the magnificence of the Titanic and just how much was lost when it sank. Untold stories of passengers and families lost were also scattered throughout the expo and reading these gave me chills. There was so much to see and read, really something for everyone. I found the passenger stories very interesting whilst others gravitated to the engineering aspects of the ship.

Another part of the expo was to show visitors the vast differences of those travelling the Titanic in first class, compared to those travelling in 3rd class. Everything from the crockery they used to the different tiles and furniture each class used was shown. Seeing all the artifacts and the reconstructed rooms was definitely an eye opener to this time in history when class difference was hugely evident. 

Of course the most interesting things at the expo was seeing all the artifacts that were recovered form the ocean and leaning about just how difficult it was to recover these. The image above shows a collection of dishes that were found as seen in the photo. They were stacked in a wooden crate and over time the crate disintegrated in the sea, leaving the plates in their original position in the sand. All the artifacts had fascinating stories like this, there were even letters found and adulterous stories uncovered. 

After reading about all the passengers and seeing all the opulent artifacts recovered we were then taken through the sinking of the ship. Reading the ice reports was heart breaking, as we were left to imagine the captain's helplessness of the situation. The signs were there and we as onlookers all know what happens next but to our despair we simply have to follow the story and feel the magnitude of the events to follow. 

In the 'ice berg room' there is a large piece of ice which people are encouraged to touch, The ice wall is absolutely FREEZING and it's not hard to imagine how people passed away from hypothermia so quickly. The sounds in the ice room are loud and unnerving which creates a very disturbing atmosphere.

We had such a good time at the expo and if you, like so many, have always had a fascination with this historic tragedy then the expo is a MUST SEE! 

When we left we had a quick photo taken as a reminder of our experience.

For more information and to buy tickets, check out the Titanic Expo website HERE

Adults: R135 (18 years +)
Children: R85 (5-17 years)
Students and Pensioners: R90
Family package of 4: R320 total thus R80 per person

The Johannesburg runs until the 8th of  November at The Zone @ Rosebank ~ Sandton
The Cape Town show is from 27th November – March 2016 at Watershed ~ V&A & Waterfront.

I have 10 tickets to give away so if you want a piece of that then simply SHARE THIS POST and tag my Facebook page - DEER DELIGHTS (So that I know you have entered) 

Winners announced on the 1st of October 

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