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Monday, 29 June 2015


Daniella and I were lucky enough to receive an event to the 4th street party which took place at the rand airport on Thursday the 25ht of June. I attended the party last year and it was one of the best events of the year. (Read the blog post HERE). This year the Girl About Town agency organised the party once again and it was such a fantastic event. 

The invite we received was a little pink passport and boarding passes. The detail in the passport and boarding passes was extraordinary and I knew that the event would be just as mind bowing (I was right). To get everyone even more excited, they were giving one lucky person 2 tickets to ANYWHERE in the world!! What we had to do was use the hashtag #4thStreetParty as much as possible on all our different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and whoever used it the most would win the tickets on the night of the event. At first we were apprehensive of taking part in the competition but then we decided to put our minds to it and win the tickets!! Daniella and I got a little crazy with our entries and had a lot of fun coming up with different ideas to showcase our entries. Go Team Pink Vanilla!!!! 

We even drove to 4th street in Parkhurst and got some local cops to take a picture of us! We took our passports everywhere and took photos of everything with them. Daniella's pilot friend in Sudan even sent us videos of himself saying that we needed to win. Another friend in LA also sent a video of the 4th street there and said that we had to win. Support came in from across the world and we were truly humbled to see how many friends were there for us. Thank-you everyone that shared our posts and helped us get more entries, we REALLY appreciate it. 

In the end we didn't win as someone else used the hashtag A LOT more than us but we like to think that our entries were definitely the most creative and we had fun working together to try and win. 

The actual event was incredible. Everything was airport/plane/travel orientated and it was just so much fun! 

We arrived and had our photos taken so that they could put the picture into our passports. After being checked for weapons by 2 cute pilots we entered the venue. There was a big screen with 'flight' information, a lady talking on the intercom to inform us of boarding times as well as an actual plane for us to take photos with. There were also plane seats scattered throughout the venue for us to sit on and air-hostesses walking around with food. 

The organisers had set up 4 different bars, Ibiza, Milan, New York and Rio. At each bar they were serving signature cocktails for that location and to recieve a drink you had to have your passport stamped. Of course we got all our stamps (and then some). 

 We really did have a fun evening and it was such a wonderful event to promote the 4th Street Wine brand. Thank-you Girl About Town for inviting us and we are sure that next year's event will be just as amazing.

Handbag contents the next day.... everything pink

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  1. Wow, this place is looking perfect for any kind of party. Just a few days ago I also organized a party at event space Chicago for my friends and my party planner arranged for a similar looking party. It was fun.


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