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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Baron Banting Menu

And now another reason to love The Baron Fredman, they have just launched their banting menu and it's delicious!! 

Whether you buy into the Banting way of life or not, our menu is designed for the health conscious who are watching the amount of carbohydrates they consume. This may be due to an effort to lose weight or perhaps due to medical conditions such as diabetes. Our dishes are based on recipes from the Tim Noakes ‘Real Meal revolution’ recipe book and will allow those following the diet to eat out instead of cooking at home.

GUILT FREE dining has never been so delicious!

Bacon fat cherry tomatoes with boccocini
People always ask me why I'm Banting. No it's not because it's trendy or because I want to lose weight. It has to do with what I belive is best for my DIABETIC body. It is also a 'diet' that I can follow easily and without a lot of extra expenses. Paleo would've been another option for me and because it is a much more organic way of eating it would probably be healthier. That said, paleo is more concerned with natural produce as opposed to minimal carbs. Yes, you need to watch your carb intake with paleo but natural sugars like those found in fruit aren't as carefully monitored. What I do like about paleo is that no artificial sweeteners are used. In banting artificial sugars are allowed but I know how harmful they are so I don't include them in my diet. Why not just stick to a diabetic diet? I could but diabetic diets focus on low GI foods which are great but still have sugar and I would have to inject myself more regularly.

In essence I am on a LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet but banting seems to be a more recognisable term these days so I'm going to continue to use it. There is no 'one size fits all' diet, I have tailored the banting diet to my needs and it's working for me!! 

Grilled harissa lamb chops with tomato and cucumber salsa
Ok so back to The Baron's new banting menu. I've tried a few dishes now and I have really enjoyed them all. Portion sizes are generous which means you aren't looking for a banting desert menu after your meal. Spoiler alert - there is none.  

Chicken tikka masala
If nothing strikes your fancy on the banting menu then you can always order off the normal menu but substitute your starches. There is a delicious cauli-rice (cauiflower rice) on offer, as well as a creamy cauli-mash.

Grilled calamari with olives and cabonassi
Bravo Baron, I approve! 

If you don't care AT ALL about eating healthy or about the fact that you will probably be fat forever, (I joke) then not to worry.... The Baron Fredman have loads of other great specials on offer:

Tuesday: #SteakTuesday - Complimentary Castle Lite with any steak meal. 
Wednesday - Friday: #BottomlessBubbly - All you can drink PONGRACZ for only R90 per lady
Friday: #BaronFriday - half price cocktails for ladies from 5pm onwards

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  1. Bacon fat with cherry tomatoes... something so simple has never looked so delicious!


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