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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Medical Miracles

This month Discovery Health have featured me online as well as in their magazine. I have been with this medical aid for quite a few years now and without them, my transplant wouldn't have been possible! 

I hate having photos taken and videos are even worse! This 2 minute clip took all morning to make. They've edited it so well, not a single 'um' or 'ya...like' to be found. Trust me, by the end of the shoot I think the videographer thought I was going to have an anxiety attack!

Some of you might remember when I asked on Facebook if anyone was free to come and be my friend for a shoot? Well the lovely Joanna stepped in and made things so much easier!
Thanks friend =)

My make-up was done by my very special friend Sasha (@FaceValue_Za blogger at Porcelain Rouge) - thank-you so much!!!

You can go read up on other Medical Miracles on the Discovery website. There's also a feature on Jenna Lowe who is doing some wonderful things to raise awareness for organ donation. Her #GetMeTo21 campaign has been fantastic and has gotten over 3000 people to sign up as organ donors!

I hope you have all signed up!!!

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